A December Story.

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Not everyone loves Christmas and not everyone believes in love. In South Korea, Christmas is related to couples, that's cute, but when you're single it can be a nightmare. 

For this holidays dear Co-Pandas! We need more Apink fanfics!



Two souls, tired of the society in which we live, who lost the Christmas spirit, will live the best December. 

Inspired by the movie "Christmas party in the office" and the song "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry (not related lol). 

-Park Chorong lives in a society that believes that getting married should be the goal of every woman.

-Yoon Bomi sees "love" and relationships as a business, because she works as a "cupid".


This is my first time writing, considering that I have never written more than my school work, I'm proud of having finally managed to finish something like this. I apologize if it's boring and my mistakes... 

It was supposed to be published before, but due to the tragic event that shocked us (KJH+ 18/12/17), it was delayed. Anyway, let's stay strong and loving Apink. Happy holidays!

There's new subs! thank you all! I'm currently working in the extra chapters~ wait for it!
Btw, I got a new weird idea for the next ff (this crazy head of mine is always thinking lol); it's a mix of that *storaged ff*+ new plot. Still a fetus at 1%.

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Chapter 21: Finally. Done reading it,, and it was a super beautiful ending.
Congrats and thank you very much for this story. You're the best Noe.

Let's go back interracting on twitter hahaha
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Chapter 21: Congrats on a succesful story author! Looking forward to the next one. Enjoy your rest for the meantime:)
Chapter 20: Noo its the end already:( but im glad its a happy ending, thank you for the great story. Anyway, pls reveal another ff youve been writing!
Chapter 21: Thanks for the happy ending. Everyone deserved to be loved ^^
Chapter 20: Yeah!! Chomi end up together!!
Chapter 20: Chorong looks like she still hates bomi lmao
Chapter 20: Awee!! My chomi
Chapter 20: Ow yeah,, finally together,,, Lol,,,
congrats to them :D
No update today?
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Chapter 19: I wonder if Bomi will remember the kiss when she wakes up. Aww is this story ending already? That's so soon =/