YoonYul One shot(s)


so this is my gift for the 888th page of the YoonYul thread in ssf^^

this will be my first official one shot... 

i'll post it once i'm finished with everything^^


One thing is constant in this world. CHANGE. How ironic right? Total opposites. No one can stop it from happening. 


Thing happen when you least expect them. Everything is unpredictable.


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bezziejane #1
Chapter 1: oh i like this chap..
it made me remember my bestfriend.. :'( we're apart, she's so far away. we only meet like every 2 years and it's just only take an hour and she needs to go again.. that hurts..

well for the author.. good job. :)
ne-yoonyul-chuaheyo #2
please continue :D
kwonseojin05 #3
luckyshootingstar #4
Sequel pleaseeee and I want ROMANCE AND HAPPY ENDING PLEASEEEEEEEE... maybe a little jealousy before that.. kekeke XD
loveSONE #5
Sequel of course, I want romance and a happy ending
JTNaSoo #6
Sequel!! YoonYul Romance please!!
kimtaera #7
So touched..
Sequel sequel sequel! :-P
loveSONE #8
waaa I really like your story, I'm so touched well to tell you the truth I did cried LOL
can you please continue this or make a sequel
SosilverfangShi #9
ah! Can u make a sequel?
I'm so touched
yoon8yul #10
great story,, with meaning full and awesome words...
Thank you for sharing this one shot
: ')