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Let's just say Jungkook is just someone who wants to fill his belly with food and not die of starvation.

Cue the cliche turn of events and he suddenly meets the famed playboy prince of Genesis, who immediately finds him intriguing and hires him for a job as his own personal mechanic, in charge of tuning up and upgrading his battlemech for Botfights. It's fairly simple.

But then when they're alone, things get hotter than they should be between two beings who are supposedly 'master and servant', and Jungkook can't exactly deny what his master wants.



Hmm, a shot at sci-fi.

Probably need to wait a while for this.







Poster by Seya at Limn: A Graphic Shop

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OH YEAH! Taekook and Sci-fi? girl, you've just made a movie night for me! *gets popcorn ready* Okay, I'm ready! :D
Oh god, I love SciFi.
Can't wait!
is this going to be oneshot or chaptered?