This classic story is pure my idea


He's a casanova, A smooth-talking charmer who has mastered the art of finding, meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women into the bedroom. One he accomplishes his goal, he leaves the woman in fear of having a relationship and proceeds to find his next conquest.

He won't let himself falling in love.

He won't let his victim falling in love with him.

He just play with them.

But, his heart, mind and eyes tell the opposites when he met her, The Greatest Beauty.

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jisellediosa 51 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 7: Jiyong just court taeyeon the right way~
Angela0204 0 points #2
Chapter 7: cant wait
stupid ji T___T
i wish they getting closer soon
Ayunindellany 0 points #3
Chapter 7: I hope they become closer by the time :’)
Tygdlove 0 points #4
Chapter 7: Oh I hope they become friends maybe he would change
Thank you for updating author nim
sheishei88 0 points #5
Chapter 7: was such a blessing that you updated..i want mooore...hehe
Hayat786 0 points #6
Chapter 7: Thx for the ubdate
mzlyod 25 streak 0 points #7
Chapter 7: Stupid dragon need to suffering first
beautae_ss 0 points #8
Chapter 6: Please update often *_* anyway I hope gd and taeyeon will attend gda here in manila ><
sheishei88 0 points #9
Chapter 6: owhhhhh...moore please
sheishei88 0 points #10
Chapter 1: just read the first chap and will definitely read moore