(Fish)Bowl Full of Mysteries

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Momo always had a certain fear when it comes to things she can't control.

Sana loves the thrill of leaving things to other forces.


I had a spur of the moment the night before Momo's birthday. I just didn't think I needed three whole days to make this under 5k worded oneshot. I'm late but, Happy Birthday Momo!

So this is unplanned and really rushed. Wasn't too happy about it but I really wanted to release something for Momo's bday.

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Shibuya98 0 points #1
Chapter 1: I giggled so many times why is this so cute
0 points #2
Chapter 1: This is so sweet that I feel like crying :))
pandaxonce 24 streak #3
Chapter 1: This makes me loves SaMo even more now ❤ thanks for this cute ff ;)
Chapter 1: omfg ily<3 i was just reading a samo angst earlier and then yours.. its the fluffiest and softest samo fic ever im no longer sad
Chapter 1: I've read some SaMo fics before, and most aren't cheesy. Most of the time, they're the one-sided feelings type of fic, so this one, my friend, is a new breath for me. I LOVE THIS.
Chapter 1: I'm crying. I'm crying. You don't know how much I'm crying. This is just absolutely adorable. Absolutely cheesy. Absolutely a whirlwind of emotions. Absolutely a masterpiece. I can't explain how I truly love this piece. ;________; ♡♡♡
Chapter 1: Ahhhw! Co cheesy and cute!
Chapter 1: Aksjdkdllslsls I’m dying from all that fluff and samo cuteness
Chapter 1: Awwww the sweetest SaMo fic I've ever read!
pna427 #10
Chapter 1: this fic is so cute ; A ;