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 // The Jinhae-Gu people know is the annual cherry blossom festival, but what lies inside the district was beyond more than that. The supernaturals creatures has lives among us for centuries, from vampires, werewolves, witches, hunters, and others. 


♦ de·vo·tion

/ dəˈvōSH(ə)n/ 


love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.


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somebody to die for 

brotherhood  friendship  lovers  enemy  family 


What if the person you know, it's never the person you knew. There's alot of unreaveled secrets and probably a new legend too, soon will be happen here , in this beautiful city. It's just another tale of a high schoolers, who happened to be a werewolves, vampire, witches, and other supernaturals creature. 

the son of jinhae-gu, changwon city.

Jinyoung have a long term  crush on Jaebum's sister, Nayeon. But he never confess to her due to his internal conflict on how he feel like she deseved someone better. Then this new girl came, Mina, she quickly become popular in the school, but not for Jinyoung. But the story is not only about these 3. There's more to it.

author's note.

Papi Says — i got hooked up really bad with the vampire diaries and i stil can't move on from the season finale. therefore i made this story, to quench the thirst of my own obssesion. just a heads up that this story is heavily inspired from tdv. i hope you like the story! //  


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1 points #1
Chapter 9: NO MINA WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! TT___TT Jinyoung oppa please be fine .. please *crycry* it's a normal wolf right who bite Jinyoung? *anxious* what happened to Nayeon? Is it Mina's doing?
sunnybib 1 points #2
Chapter 9: Oh shoot! curious why Mina wanted to get close to Jinyoung? Is it because she likes him or other reason? Anyways, i know you just updated but i cant wait for the next chap! XD
1 points #3
Chapter 9: Oh wow I'm looking forward to your updates XD
sunnybib 1 points #4
Chapter 5: OMG TVD!!! Mark as Matt? and Jaebum is Tyler? Yesss! Mina the vampire <33333
WiggyPuah 1 points #5
Chapter 8: ❤️❤️❤️
rinselit 1 points #6
Chapter 7: Pls bring back Nayeon and Jaebum. I need Jinyeon moments. Mina is scary as hell and kudos for Sana. :)
proudjbstan 1 points #7
Chapter 5: i love hows this story is progressing so far :) fighting!
1 points #8
Chapter 5: Is Jaebum turning into a warewolf? WHY? Nayeon must worry so much .. no matter how annoying a brother can be .. but a brother - sister love is undescriable *cry* is the ex-factory worker sent by Mina perhaps? The fact that he is an ex-factory worker is a plus point for her since it's a perfect alibi isn't it?
Chapter 4: This is so cool. Please update soon.
Comment bc it said extra karma point bonus - xD