Halloween ever after


Demons, ghouls, witches and vampires... All par for the course on halloween.... Except this lot have overstayed their welcome....and they're eating people.

Thank all the sweet candy for 5 year old superheroes and hot smart college boys - really hot college boys, but I digress. 

Scuse me while I hide behind this hot boy and steal candy from a five year old... Don't judge me... I'm terrified. 


Now, you mighy be asking yourself, how it is I find myself in this position. Locked in a flat, with four college jocks, in the middle of the night, dressed like a veritable vixen, while monsters roam outside.

So let me start with this.

It’s halloween.

a/n: happy halloween!!. I had no intentions of starting another fic, but the muse insisted I release this one from the confines of my brain. So here you go. I hope you guys enjoy it!! hugs.

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samii07 0 points #1
Chapter 10: Yes thank all the sweet candy in the world
jesyra 0 points #2
Chapter 10: I am literally shaking right now. Those are three wonderful guardian angels. I am so happy that they are also went out of their way to save those children. I wonder who Jodie and the teacher would like to. I guess Dean wouldn't be so stressed with a lot of hot college guys teasing her. Lol.
samii07 #3
Chapter 9: Lmao salty hoe
Yonghyunism #4
Chapter 10: Enjoying this so so sooo much!!!
17 streak #5
Chapter 10: I love when they say about jackson being drunk and decided to try belly dancing. Belly dancing and jackson is not a great combo. No offense. Plot twist was about the werewolves. i guess by the end of it all of them have some lovelife.
MaMa_ZeN #6
Chapter 10: enjoying is an understatement, this is going to be another epic story!
can't wait for more!
Chapter 9: Lmao.
Reminds me of my me and my group of friends in college when we used to get together on the weekends and with one another.
I love this story.
Reading the 3rd chapter I giggled so damn hard seeing "Sam" and "Dean" in here and automatically thought of Supernatural. But in this story they're sisters while Sam is the elder sibling - its like The French Mistake meets the apocalypse & purgatory mixed.

Love, love, love, love this story to bits! Glad I stumbled on it (。・ω・。)
thepoeticalcat #8
Chapter 9: I had to struggle not to cackle at work while reading this chapter! Loved it!
jesyra #9
Chapter 9: I'm sick and all throughout reading this I was half choking due to laughing and coughing every now and then. Thanks for the update. Big brother Fanfan broke me too huhuhu