Mated Love


"I wish you'd leave me alone!"

A Vampire Princess and a Submissive Werewold being mates. What were the odds? The wolf can only accept the harsh words that the Royal spits at her due to her submissive status. It's engraved in her mind that her duty is to obey.The Vampire King and Queen are, unlike their daughter, accepting that the submissive is the mate of their daughter.They treated the wolf kindly, placing the two of them in a mansion that is situated next to many fields to roam on. But the wolf can only resist so much, and to her luck, her vampyric mate seems to scream the right comand for her to grant. She didn't think that the wolf would literally obey her words. The words were an indirect rejection, ones that broke her head and heart. 

What happened to the Submissive Werewolf? What happened to the Vampire Princess? Would they ever cross paths?

Will Jennie and the OC meet at camp?
Is this what fate has in store for them?
Find out next chapter!

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HunterSecretive 0 points #1
Chapter 21: I cant wait for jennie to saying sorry lol
even its seem impossible xD
0 points #2
Chapter 21: Getting excited about next chapter. Good luck!! Please update soon ≧∇≦
aznperson 0 points #3
Chapter 21: This is too good I hope the OC can forgive Jennie and Rose and Jisoo are going to be so cute hopefully.
NotTelling 0 points #4
Chapter 21: Cant wait for them to interact
0 points #5
Chapter 21: CHAPTER 21: AUTHOR, you never dissapoint us on ur new updates. Thank you for working hard on us and take your rest ^^
weatherwinter 0 points #6
Chapter 21: i cant wait how’s jennies reaction
0 points #7
Chapter 21: I was waiting!! You did not disappoint me author!!! I can sleep now.XD
123silentread 0 points #8
Chapter 21: I always check this story for an update and it always make my day :)
0 points #9
Chapter 21: lemme squeal again XD
chae and jisoo are cute hehe
and damn baek's slap, the slap of the history
0 points #10
Chapter 21: I can't wait for Jennie's interaction with the oc :D