So this is love, once upon a dream


Shy and uncommunicative Mark is just barely surviving his job as Prince Charming at Hong Kong Disneyland. Life is not made any easier by the presence of kind and adorable Jinyoung, the park's Prince Philip, who is absolutely determined to become his friend.

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24 streak #1
Too much feels. Hehehe. Its cute and it suits them well being prince. Omg, just imagining it already cause me toothache. Hahaha. Thank you author-nim.
kaisoofeels #2
Chapter 1: Omg this is the best!
They would look super handsome with princes’ constumes awwwww
Also, love the progress they’ve made. So cute <3
15 streak #3
Chapter 1: this is so cute omg imagine them in respective costumes posing cutely together ahhhhh
JinyoungsMark #4
Chapter 1: Aww!! Prince Charming and Prince Philip is inlove and gonna date xD just love this theme soo much!
LittleAlls #5
Chapter 1: Can I tell you that you are officially my fav author? Bc you damn are. I absolutely love all of your stories. This one was just so adorable, I can't even tell, loved it!!
Aju_1270 #6
Chapter 1: Love this story...
Chapter 1: OMG~! This is so beautiful and romantic~ It's so good!
graccikoh #8
Chapter 1: Omg! The confession scene is sooooo romantic. I'm in love! <3 <3 <3
Chapter 1: dvwpshwlsjwlsnskw this was so cute that I don't have actual words to describe this because I'm just rolling in my feels ^.^