Blackpink x BTS drabbles

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A few short stories of Blackpink x BTS ships

Jisoo x Jin

Jennie x Namjoon

Lisa x Jungkook

Rose x Jimin

Requests are welcome :)

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Chapter 11: Hiya, is it possible if you could include Jungkook x Rosè and Jimin x Rosè? Anyways loving this!'
67 streak #2
Chapter 11: lol jin
haechanela #3
Chapter 10: I'm loving BTS x Blackpink ship. Thank you for this. Aigoooo! This is so fluffy.
TaeLice please :)
ultra-seokjin #5
Chapter 10: Jinsoo next please!!
dylm21 #6
Jennie and Yoongi please.
67 streak #7
Chapter 10: Lizkook!!!! yessss ^_^
126 streak #8
Chapter 9: Lizkook please? Or Taelicekook. Anyway, I love these stories! I wish I found them earlier! C:
jadelyn #9
Chapter 9: more lizkook plsss
67 streak #10
Chapter 9: Oooo I love it. It's like after the so hot stage by blackpink.