The Bet


Jeonghan just wanted to be popular. He had a decent reputation at one of Korea's most prestigious schools as well as a good set of friends...but Jeonghan wanted more. He wanted to be adored and to be part of the "it" crowd. It was what everyone wanted. But everyone also knew that joining that crowd came with a price. A test.

And in Jeonghan's case, it was a bet. A challenge to get the school's most unwanted and unapproachable guy to fall in love with him. 

His friends told him not to but Jeonghan saw this as his only chance. 

Besides, what could possibly go wrong?


And, with that mindset, that was how the school's most unusual relationship began between their resident angel, Yoon Jeonghan, and the outcast, Choi Seungcheol.


Yes, I'm starting another fic. (What is wrong with me?? lol) Anyway, this was another idea that came in my head, it's pretty common but I couldn't really find one for Jeongcheol so I decided to write it myself. I'm still working on DWC so updates may be slow?? Just please be patient with me and I'll try my best to keep up with both fics!!

And yeah...another cliche about a bet gone wrong and feelings along the way. Expect romance, angst, friendship and all the jeongcheol feels!

Also.....why do I keep hurting Cheol in all my fics??? I swear he's my bias LOL


Groups included: Seventeen (obviously), some EXO, SNSD, Gfriend, Monsta X and maybe others

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I'm starting to feel bad for Seungcheol :(
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Chapter 3: oh no jeonghan! ><
i can see where this story's gonna go tho lel
hope you give jeongcheol a good ending :-)
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Chapter 3: ouhh, it's started~~~
i hope jeonghan made the right decision...
and... hope cheol is not hurt by this....
Chapter 3: Here starts the drama!!!!
shelikeithot #5
Chapter 2: Poor seungcheol, he doesn't know what about to come...hanny is such meanie here ?
i don't mind you making another ff of jeongcheol...kamsa anyway
Chapter 2: oh my god you dont have to join any groupies just to be popular, jeonghan! you're famous enough like hello boi the whole school called you an angel wth//reminds me how come my whole schoolmates decided to called me the deadpan joker -.-"//
idk jeonghan; either you're too naive or too dumb to notice it's trap!//TRAP IS EVERYWHERE!!//love(?) is blind lmao wth am i saying//

i know i cant complained about those uphold status and test like bet stuff (since this is a fic w highschool theme and the fact i have no ill intention towrds exo whtsoever) but if I ever encounter with one irl I might end up -slapping the whole group lmao//pardon my violence,honey//this foul-mouth unnie is too petty and have no mercy//

btw YAYYYY FOR THE UPDATE!!//love love//
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Chapter 2: I really find Jeonghan crushing on Sehun cute. Hihi. Buuuut he's mean! Get out Hannie! It's a trap!
Chapter 2: My stupidyoon*facepalm* and cheollie im sure he has his very own reason for being known d delinquent of d school
Chapter 2: Interesting so far :) we'll see if this tops your other Jeongcheol fic in my heart (cus Don't Wanna Cry owns a special spot in my heart) You did well :)