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"Joohyun's autistic... you need to be patient with her."


In which Seulgi – a new transfer student, meets Joohyun – a girl who has autism.


Edit: GUYS I'M IN TEARS. I'M SO THANKFUL THAT THIS STORY GOT FEATURED!!! Thank you for supporting me and this story :D 

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Nobodyme 0 points #1
Chapter 17: Author nim, take your time in updating and focus on your studies. It's good enough that you're updating time to time, don't rush yourself. I wouldn't care if this fanfic takes long I'll wait cuz that's how much I love your work. Thank you for this chapter! <3
20 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 17: Don't worry Joohyun! you can do it! Seulgi's gonna be there for you!
Kaylrs 0 points #3
Chapter 13: you know sometimes i wonder what fluff authors' personalities are like.
R u as adorable as your writing irl authornim?
0 points #4
Chapter 17: Screamin' my lungs out the moment I saw "Candy"
0 points #5
Chapter 17: Sluggi is such a sweet I cannot
0 points #6
Chapter 17: Seulrene is indeed sweet. But my mind can't get enough of how protective and caring wendy to irene is. I wish i have a sister like wendy <3
0 points #7
Chapter 17: your story makes me wish i had a love like theirs wtf so cute
0 points #8
Chapter 17: Candy is seulrene's song, there I said it lol
jasonds 107 streak 0 points #9
Chapter 17: aaahhh seulrene is so sweetttt
i am melting....seulgi is very patient and lovely
Sicasicachu_ 0 points #10
Chapter 17: asdfghjkl why must cliffhanger