❝ SQUARE ONE.  ❞  — nonau mewe-based + all se-xualities. // no sechecks or disabling. // active + in need of girls! Xiao will soffucate u with her bewbs xD


 mewerp nonau #lovewins
Status : Open & Accepting
square one
a mewe rp. est. 220817
 : About

square one, established 220817.

the platform used is mewe, an app and webpage similar to fb but with less of a change of being disabled or sechecked.

the roleplay is labelled nonau and accepts all se-xualities.

: events
+ sep 08 - sep 11.
genderbend weekend!
+ sep 21 - sep 27.
hogwarts house cup!
+ oct 13 - oct 18.
spooky scare spree!
+ oct 00 - oct 00
coming soon!
: bio format

please include the following

— idol name.
— uality symbol.

- ase-xual.
- panse-xual.
- hetrose-xual.
- homose-xual.
- bise-xual.
- other.

: featured
:  Guidelines

1. be active outside of pm : you will recieve an inactivity warning if you aren't posting a couple of times each week.

2. welcome and respect everyone : facechasing, hating and biased replies are not tolerated. avoid forming cliques.

3. strictly one account per person : if found breaking this rule, you will be asked to leave the roleplay immediately.

4. accepting asian faceclaims only : password is a symbol : ! or ? but make it subtle. eg. reserving v from bts please!

5. all se-xualities are welcome : ee do not descriminate against se-xualities in this roleplay. love has no labels!

6. no dating or marriage ban : however, we do ask you to keep it realistic and get to know everyone around you.

7. we allow moving couples : we ask for at least one of you to inform us in your application and provide a date.

8. cc and tcc is permitted weekly : tcc lasts five days. if your tcc faceclaim is reserved you will have to change back.

9. 18+ stuff to be kept in pm or nsfw group : also curses and other offensive words are to be moderated please.

10. inform an admin when needed : ie. going on hiatus, ccing or tccing, newly dating, or leaving the roleplay.

: how to join

1. subscribing to the story is a must : admins will check! upvotes aren't needed but are highly appreciated.

2. apply in the comments below : make sure to use the correct format and wait to be accepted before proceeding.

— name. group. pass.

3. use english charas in your display name : emojis and symbols are allowed, but we need to be able to tag you.

4. make your contacts visible : this option can be found in settings under the privacy and sharing tab.

5. make sure your bio format is correct : refer to the "bio format" text box in the left column for more instructions.

6. send a request to add the admins : refer to the "admins" text box in the right column for all Four links.

7. send a request to join the groups : refer to the "about" text box in the left column for the links. nsfw is optional and shouldn't be added if your faceclaim is below 18.

: masterlist

aoa - seolhyun.
Apink- Eunji
blackpink - jennie. lisa. rose. jisoo.
bts - v. jungkook. jhope. jimin. jin. rm21.
dia - chaeyeon.
exo - baekhyun. kai. sehun.
generations - REO. 
go7 - jb. mark. youngjae. jinyoung. yugyeom.
Gugudan - sejeong21.
ikon - bi.
infinite - sungyeol.
JyJ - jaejoong.
Loona - vivi. jinsoul. Heejin21.
nct - JOHNNY. taeyong. Ten.
nine muses - kyungri.
oh my girl - arin.
pristin - xiyeon.
red velvet - wendy. yeri. irene. seulgi. joy.
seventeen - joshua. mingyu.
shinee - MINHO. jonghyun. taemin.
twice  - NAYEON. MOMO. sana22.
vixx - leo. N. 
wanna one - DANIEL. ongseungwoo. gualin. baejinyoung. jihoon.
winner - seungyoon21.
Wjsn - chengxiao. xuanyi. yeoreum. luda21. 

actor - namjoohyuk.
model - kimjayoung. kimbobae. kimnahee. jangkiyong. dongjun22.
soloist - chungha. jaypark. jessica. luhan. iu.
trainee - //
other - kijikush. christianyu.

: admins
TOFMq4o.pngadmin v
loves: chungha. she's a lil cutie.
hates: chungha. she's also a brat.
TOFMq4o.pngadmin chungha
Loves: boys and y abs. 
Hates: giggles. i hate giggles. 
TOFMq4o.pngadmin chaeyeon
Loves: lorem ipsum dolor.
Hates: ipsum dolor sit. 
TOFMq4o.pngadmin chengxiao
Loves: Games, events &dad jokes.
Hates:cold replies & being ignoredt. hAjima
TOFMq4o.pngspare admin
Loves: lorem ipsum dolor.
Hates: ipsum dolor sit.
: wishlist

urgent. granted.


actors nam joohyuk + park bogum + jung woosung + park hyungsik. akmu. babylon. big bang. bap (esp yongguk). bts (esp rm + suga). blockb. day6 (esp wonpil). exo (esp do + kai + sehun + chanyeol). got7 (esp bambam + jackson). ikon. kard. monsta x (esp jooheon). nct (esp taeyong + johnny + taeil). seventeen (esp vernon + wonwoo). soloists dean + jay park + gray. the rose (esp woosung). vixx. wanna one (esp daniel + minhyun). winner.


aoa (esp hyejeong). akmu. blackpink (esp jennie + rose + lisa). clc (esp eunbin + yeeun). dreamcatcher. exid. gfriend. girl's day. kard (esp somin). loona (esp heejin + kimlip). mamamoo. oh my girl (esp yooa + arin). pristin (esp xiyeon). red velvet (esp joy + seulgi + yeri). IOI. snsd (esp taeyeon + yoona + tiffany). soloists jessica + chungha + iu. twice (esp dahyun + nayeon + tzuyu). wjsn (esp chengxiao + yeoreum). 

: couple list

hash swan & wendy.
052617. dating.

jimin & jhope.
072417. dating.

jaebum & youngjae
082517. married.

minho & leo
090117. dating.

taemin & chungha
111117. DATING.

jay & jayoung
111417. DATING.


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littlegulliverr 0 points #1
twice's sana,please?
0 points #2
exo's sehun, please?
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loona's viian/vivi, pretty please?
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ulzzang park dongjun please!
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Nct's Ten, please?
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Loona‘s jinsoul please!
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seventeen's mingyu, please!
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wjsn's luda please!
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bangtan's namjoon please.
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loona's jeon heejin, please! thanks!