10 ways to make Siyeon love Eunwoo

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10 ways to make Siyeon love Eunwoo.

Every chapter will uncover one way.

Will the ice princess fall in love with Eunwoo in the end?


Eunwoo was in love.

She wanted to melt the ice trapped inside Siyeons heart.

She would do anything to make the younger girl finally love her back.


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naZiKenji 0 points #1
Chapter 1: sweet revenge is good
Jun_2388 0 points #2
I'll read when the story is completed. So, fighting author-nim!
I'm so thirsty for siwoo...
0 points #3
Chapter 1: Princess Siyeon, a bully.
Omg yasss i wanna see the cold hearted siyeon falling for our soft nunu!
hyosunzy #4
can't wait for this!