One More Chance

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Joohyun made a huge mistake and she wants to go back in time to correct it. But when she does, will it go according to plan or will it just create another mistake? 


Main Characters


Kang-Bae Joohyun

Preferred to be called by her nickname Irene, she is the wife of Kang Seulgi and the CEO of the Bae Group of Companies. A rather timid and shy girl in front of strangers but a lively girl in front of close friends.

"This was my entire fault. If only I had valued you more, if only I had been a better wife to you, if only I had been always there for you, if only I had shown you how much I love you, you wouldn’t have left."


Kang Seulgi

Wife of Bae Irene. She is a third generation chaebol singer. A cheerful and charming bear with an angelic voice.

"Because honestly, I don’t even know who you are anymore. Where is my loving, cuddly and sweet bunny? The one who wakes me up and leaves me morning kisses before she goes to work? Where did she go?”


Supporting Characters


Bae Yeri

Younger sister of Irene whom she adores and dotes on. She is a rebellious kid but actually loves her Irene unnie and Seulgi unnie very much.

“It’s not your fault unnie, it was never your fault. Stop blaming yourself unnie, Seulgi unnie wouldn’t have wanted to see you like this.”



The mysterious woman that Irene met. A straightforward and blunt woman but actually has a soft heart.

“Be careful of what you wish for; Kang-Bae Joohyun.” 


Son Wendy

Irene's bestfriend and Seulgi's friend. She is the heiress of RV Entertainment, where Seulgi is signed. A bubbly and caring woman, especially to friends.

“She’s cute, definitely your type, but don’t gawk when you see her okay?”




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too much angst...?

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Chapter 9: Hopefully Irene can figure something out
twintt #2
Chapter 9: Too much angst TT I want a happy ending
Chapter 9: I hope Irene can fix everything and save Seulgi T^T
Thank you for the update Authornim!
Chapter 8: Wow fate can be cruel but screw it give seulrene a happy ending
4wallsthegreat #5
Chapter 8: Wag naman!!! Grabe si author mamatay nanaman si irene sa sakit T_T
lolwhatup #6
Chapter 8: whyyy ANG AGA NAMAN SHET NAKAKIYAK sorry di ko natago pagka-filipino ko
Salma530 #7
Chapter 8: So.. Is it possible to have a happy ending? But seulgi will die at both timeline..btw, i can't stop looking at that gif you put up thereXD
IreneniSeulgi #8
Chapter 8: I hope Seulgi will not die. But I will dieeeeee... sa sobrang kilig sa Seulrene. Hahaha Filipino ka din po pala :D
spongebobSNSD #9
Chapter 8: Noooooooo plsss let seulrene have a happily ever after pls