Twice's Compilation Story

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Twice's Compilation Story~

All ship in Twice!


Hey guys!First of all,I thx for reading You Are My Only One,Haru Haru and Dear Diary.On this fanfic I'll put all otp in Twice.If you want to make request just comment lol.

Next chapter is MiChaeng

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Chapter 47: I still can’t accept this chapter author...why does it break my heart so much!?! It’s it my love for Mina and Chaeyoung?!? I think this short michaeng is the most tragic I’ve ever read.
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Chapter 47: I want a ChaeyoungxJeongyeon please! But AUTHOR WHAT WAS THAT MICHAENG I JUST READ?! God, it was sad too sad for my heart to handle and my visions to imagine. It was good but at the same time...that’s just Fu**ed up.
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Minayeon please
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Chapter 47: uhmmmmm michaeng </3
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Chapter 47: why chaeng why
Chapter 47: Uww my michaeng heart :'(
18cassyscy08 #8
Chapter 47: What the!

My Michaeng Hearteu!

I need another michaeng or mochaeng one
This time,chaeng would be the bottom--I mean the girl in the relationship

More jitzu!!
Chapter 46: Thanks for the update... good luck for your exam..
Chapter 46: Yay finally SaiDa but the problem is I don't get it :') What did Dahyun do to Jeongyeon? Also why did Jeongyeon burned the house? Anyways thanks for updating :)