Twice's Compilation Story

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Twice's Compilation Story~

All otp in Twice yay!!


Hey guys!First of all,I thx for reading You Are My Only One,Haru Haru and Dear Diary.On this fanfic I'll put all otp in Twice.If you want to make request just comment lol.

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22yeon #1
Chapter 15: O.o kekeke
Chapter 15: seriously cedi ? she died on your birthday ?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA poor my jeongie ostrich <3
Chapter 14: author-nim~
michaengchae #4
Chapter 14: jihyo literally go pushed by some fansite to get a better angle for their bias. i mean wtf dude you disrespect twice. twice consist of 9 ppl not only your bias
Jeongmi123 #5
Jeongmi pls
Chapter 13: AU stands for alternate universe

Awesome update but it saddens me
22yeon 1 points #7
Chapter 12: 2yeon jeongmi jeongmo were shaking with this one shot hahaha i love sweet jeongie thanks for story love u xD
22yeon #8
Chapter 7: 2yeon was Short story but meaningful for me hahaha
22yeon #9
Chapter 3: Jeongmi is so cute i'm melting xD
Chapter 13: bukan omo ke ? ni mesti kes teringat tu ?