If You


Name changed from 'IU' to 'Jieun'

Name changed from 'G-DRAGON' to 'Kwon Jiyong'


I came up with a one shot (or maybe more chapters) with a whole new story in between the original one. (This Kind Of Relationship)

It actually is inspired by the cover 'If You' of Jieunie (god she was freaking beautiful, I still watch it in 2017 who's with me?)

I hope you guys enjoy and let's see if I can write more about this one.


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inten17eu 0 points #1
Chapter 5: aahh this story just like a real one.. how I miss their moments together :) I'm looking forward to this story.. really. you're a great author.. I love jiyong in here.. jieun too. its seem real.. are you their friend?
starlighttt396 0 points #2
Chapter 5: why do I have a feeling that something is going to happen during the filming of scarlet heart in this story? hmmmmm

anyways, I love the conversation between gd and iu in this chapter: like how iu is opening up about her worries for the drama and gd is just there trying to support her :)

thanks for the update! ♥
Naamee123 0 points #3
Chapter 4: Update soon! I want to read more please!
inten17eu #4
Chapter 4: how I love the flow in this story.. its seem real.. they become friend.. that good keep it like this.. aah I hope you can update this very quickly.. haha how greedy I am..
simplyme_crazyme #5
Chapter 4: Where's the UPVOTE button???? I need to upvote! Waaaa! Daebak! I was grinning like a fool the entire time I was reading this. It feels so real! Very good indeed! Thank you (1M times) authornim!!!
starlighttt396 #6
Chapter 4: friend, I like it! the way you portray the nature of their friendship... it's believable :) Soo good job!

also, is this fanfic meant to be a prequel to "this kind of relationship"? I can see it happening :)
Chapter 4: ahh you make me think this is happen in real life(*´∇`*)
starlighttt396 #8
Chapter 3: awww, the start of the deep connection. I like it :) ♥
inten17eu #9
Chapter 3: ouhh.. its so.. aah I can't say any word..
btw.. I feel lonely today.. could you please update your this kind of relationship for my gift? or any gdiu fanfic? today is my birthday but its really annoying today.. Its okay if you're busy.. I just wonder to read something more today.. thanks for update
Chapter 3: Ahh~ these kids. I love their conversations. :)