Always [Sequel to Agony]


For Ahn Jinae, her life no longer has a meaning. Seven years into her marriage, she gives up searching for happiness and love from her husband. No matter how much love she tries to give to her husband, the man remains cold towards her, never embracing her even in the worst moments. A dark secret forces her to take in the pain he inflicts on her, one that she promises to take to her grave. Without a reason to live, she simply continues living because of the expectations from her own family and in-laws, giving up completely in finding any rays of happiness. But when Oh Sehun returns to South Korea after disappearing without any words, Jinae starts questioning her faithfulness towards her husband. Will she take the love that Sehun offers, or will she sacrifice her own happiness once again for the sake of her family?




After he was sent away in order for her to forget about him, Oh Sehun tries to seek for his own happiness. But no matter how hard he searches for it, his heart only longs for her. He builds his own name in the foreign country, and after seven years, returns to South Korea to get back what once was his. Even if it means breaking apart another family and someone else's heart, he will never stop until she belongs to him. Will he give away all his conscience in order to have her, or will he give up his own meaning of life in order for the people around him to be happy?



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Title: Always

Prequel: Agony

Song: Wind - FT IslandThis Town (by Niall Horan) - Kirsten Collins, Mario Jose, KHS Cover

Genre: romance, angst, tragedy, drama, mature

Length: unknown

Warning: Abusive relationship, ual content & violent content


The story takes place seven years after the event that happened in Agony. I have chosen Laboum's ZN's image as the OC, but some of you may feel uncomfortable shipping her with Sehun, so I changed her name. I don't ship them in real life, ZN's image just suit Jinae's character. I would like to thank everyone who participated in suggesting Jinae's husband, but in the end, I guess I made a choice on my own. Shownu's image fits my description of the husband, so I hope you won't feel too disappointed with my preference. I received a lot suggesting Jongin, but for some reasons, I decided not to go with him.

Always will be written through the first point of view of both Sehun and Jinae, and the chapters will be alternated between them. I'll label the chapter beneath the title of each chapters, so you will not confuse as to who's point of view you are reading. To the readers of my other stories, I know you're used to my 5000++ words in each chapter, but for Always, the length of each chapter will be different. Some may be long, some may be short. I hope this new writing style will not confuse you much.

I'd prefer if only readers above 18 to read Always (and Agony too, actually), because there will be a lot of mature content inside the story. The relationship between Jinae and her husband will be rather abusive, and for certain chapters, I'll mark them with Trigger Warning if necessary. The story will take on a darker turn as it develops, so if you don't feel comfortable, I suggest you to find something else happier to be read.

Please give Always a lot of love, as much as you guys have loved Agony 


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Always by mermaera is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.




  • Agony (Oh Sehun x OC)
  • Always (Oh Sehun x OC)
  • You Hurt Me (Oh Sehun ft. Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo & Park Chanyeol)
  • Faults (Oh Sehun x Park Chanyeol ft. Byun Baekhyun)
  • Breathe (Oh Sehun x OC)



New chapter updated! Hope you'll love it.

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nanayeolxx #1
Chapter 4: aaaaaa please update this sehun is back im sO HAPPY
Mariahmmm 1 points #2
Chapter 4: Hello, I m not angry or sad and im not going to attack u for not updating. I m PROUD of U to be accepted into a uni and I m more proud and happy for u about ur soon to be published novel. Take ur time and work hard on ur novel and I hope the best for u :). Good luck :D.
m_queens #3
Chapter 3: Yyeeesss!!!! Thanks for the update!!! Love it
Chapter 3: Update soon please authornim love you it's been so looooonnnnngggggg
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Chapter 3: Cliffhanger! Huhu ? can you please keep updating this story bcos it looks interesting story and you are not disappointing to us. :) Cheers!
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Chapter 3: ohhhhh goddd!!!ohhhhh goddd!!!!
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Chapter 3: Welcome back! I hope you're doing well! :)

I pity Jinae. It how the lifestyle she's living in makes it look like her only purposes in life are to be a housewife and childbearer. I'm pretty happy that Hyunwoo's mom is gone. Dealing with two devils--her and her son--is already too much for a person like Jinae to handle. She's definitely someone who keeps to herself. Because of that, I wonder if her parents are aware of what her marriage is like when they're not present. Other than the fact that Hyunwoo is wealthy and successful, are they aware of the kind of man they married their daughter off to?

And the reunion... Jinae didn't see Sehun at the wedding, so I could imagine how shocked she must have been when she saw him. Definitely an interesting reunion for those two... I do wonder what's going to happen next. Sehun's POV is the next so I'm curious about his reaction--especially since he was the only one aware that they would meet.

Thank you for this update! I'm looking forward to reading Sehun's POV in the next chapter :)

(Just a suggestion, I would suggest rating this chapter and/or putting a warning at the beginning since Jinae gave no consent for Hyunwoo to touch her in that way. While I was reading this chapter, I was a bit surprised to see that part come up.)
It's been SOOO loooooonggg
Please please please update soon
Please please please please update update update update