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Living alone now that I am finally an adult has its perks. Such as walking around in the apartment to get from my bathroom to my bedroom, or staying home for three days straight during a long weekend, or even better, adopting a dog and a cat even though I don't have time for one. So many firsts, so much freedom. 

But I don't think I will understand what living alone ever means because I am no longer, truly alone when I have my dog and my cat at home with me. 

Especially not when I find two grown men, one with doggy ears and the other with kitty ears, cuddling on the couch on an unexpected half-day at work. 



Pairing: Sehun x Baekhyun x OC
Genre: Polyamory au, Hybrid au, Catman!Sehun, Puppy!Baekhyun
Length: Not confirmed
Warning: ??? Maybe??? 




Author's note:

Told myself I wouldn't write anymore but I hate that my mind is always churning fresh ideas and I'm always "I need to do this" "Maybe just a one shot"... 

Anyway, this one would be different from my usual fics that include more than one main lead. Sehun and Baekhyun would be sort of together? before OC adopted them, so they're kind of in love (so I guess this is semi-BL). In my other fic (namely Touch of Spring), I do it SehunxOC + BaekhyunxOC + KaixOC instead of all of them bonded in some sort of love blend that has hetero and non-hetero themes/characters. So this story will be different in that aspect. I've actually always wanted to try out something like that, so I'll give it a try and is response is good and if I am comfortable with it, I'll think about writing more of such genres. 

About the length of this fic... I'm not sure if I want to make it a three-shot, or a short fic (like The Great Pretenders), but it definitely won't be a one-shot, or a long fic. It's going to be very, very fluffy though, so get ready for the overload of sweetness and fuzziness... 

And lastly, I hope that you'll like this and that you will be patient with updates!


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Omuiyuni 0 points #1
Chapter 2: my jaw is on the floor I am in love
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Chapter 2: ah yay!!! an update!! omg what’s her reaction???
Kksecret 0 points #4
Chapter 2: Omg!! Can’t wait wait for the next chapter. I’ve never read fanfic with this storyline so it’s very fascinating. I love it <33
alienatedhuman 0 points #5
congrats on getting featured ♡
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Chapter 2: ((I mustve grown grey hair)) got me laughing!!!
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Chapter 2: AWWWWMAN but that's a shame for me really.... I actually love this fic, the new and the old one are the bomb actually bUt for real is I LOVE ALL YOUR FIC LMAO how can i not
sehunsbabygurl 0 points #8
Chapter 2: hshshsgsshgshs this is so good im so excited for next chapter!! from animals to a human form, they’re caught!
Gracegesang 0 points #9
Chapter 2: I like your new version.