Whole Heart


Joohyun may not be the best girlfriend in the world, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Seulgi with her whole heart.


story and graphic by me


Tags: Romance, Fluff, A little touch of angst ;)
Length: One shot (6,4k words)

• Seulgi and Irene are two idiots in this fic tbh
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors


Hiiiii I'm back with another Seulrene one-shot and this is created after I spent my thirty minutes staring at Seulgi's picture in google images I'm such a creep 
Have you watched RV's new mv btw? I really hate SM's stylist for giving Irene that kind of haircut how could they do this to my Bae
Anyway, thank you for clicking and I hope you'll enjoy the story!


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Chapter 1: The bestt so fluffyyyy mygoshhhhh >_< btw haha how about the necklacee >\\\<
Chapter 1: I've read this like last year but didn't quite get the title and I'm honestly glad I found it again. I love this ♡
Chapter 1: YES! COMMUNICATION! IS! IMPORTANT! Omg it bothers me sm when I’m watching a show or smth & a couple is in crisis- like jUst talk to each other it’s not that hard!! I love how seulgi & irene were able to work it out at the end & be a cute, understanding couple :)
Chapter 1: They both childish yet mature in the right time xD
Chapter 1: rt to communication being important in a relationship -- but oh my god this entire fic was super cute :)) i really liked seungwan's appearance tbh. the " i screwed up" thing she thought happened but well, wound up as a good thing? ahh. i loved this fic :)
exondhyokai #6
Chapter 1: Awwww it's so cuteeee
Chapter 1: okay i have read this long time ago but it has just come to my senses that the chapter title is a song?? i mean hey if that was that, im feeling giddy 10x with the story kyaaaaah!!!!
ninja01 #8
This is like one of my fav fics I’ve read and also one that I keep re-reading because it’s that amazing :)
whiteeyedwolf #9
chums1127 #10
Rereading this again for the nth time.. This is one of the best one shots (and fanfic) I've read.