~Unstoppable Love1&2~



We based the story off of a event that happen during 2PM Idol Army.

SHINee visit them during the 14th ep. I think.

Nichkhun and Minho had a insant attraction to eachother.

Ever since then they've been the best of friends.

Now I'm doing a story about what happen after the mistike kss that happen when they were playing head soccar...


Nichkhun stood at the front of the building motionless.

He stared at nothing, but in deep thought.

What was he thinking about that made him space out?

The kiss that flashed in his head over and over again.


Images of Minho danced in his head.

How was he supposed to overcome this feeling of...

What exactly was he feeling???

Was it just a spur of the moment!!!?

Was it just a kiss of lust?

Or was it...


It coulden't be...

Why would it be that!!!

He's never felt that way about anyone not...

For sure not a man...

It couldn't be...

Could it???

Could it be love???


He shook his head, turned and saw someone staring at him

 with a puzzled look it was no one other than


Taekyeon: You okay??? It seems like something's wrong.


Nichkhun: Nahh it's nothing just tired...


Taekyeon: Ahh okay... Me too, can't wait til we get back to the dorm. You did an awsome job on the show, he said as he gave Nichkhun a friendly pat on the back.


Nichkhun slightly smiled at him, then started to walk towards the van as Taecyeon followed...


Nichkhun: Taekyeon, if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell the others???


Taekyeon seemed worried when Nichkhun said that.

But he still shook his head yes and gave Nichkhun a friendly smile.


Nichkhun: The kiss with me and Minho.... it was a total mistake but, I think... I thin.... I think I liked it...


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katy006 #2
update, please!!!!
Leeyoungsong #3
Chapter 28: just a spelling thing, it´s wrapped not rapped xD <3
LiteraryDreamer #4
Chapter 28: TTnTT I feel horrid for Nickkhun I hope he's feeling better now and finished with the law probs...
Minho was so awesome in his latest Drama To the Beautiful You
NanaXyZ5 #5
Chapter 27: Omg! First chapter just awesome! You were busy today huh... You updated alot! Lol. <3 plz update soon again
LiteraryDreamer #6
Chapter 27: awwww~ That was soooo Freakin' sweeeetttt~
More~ More~ More~ *Giggles*
NanaXyZ5 #7
Chapter 27: Oh! Goodie its going to get a second part!!! XD
LiteraryDreamer #8
Chapter 26: やった!!yay!! I hope u finish soon so you'll have time for part two!! Thank you for your effort on this one. :)
pandaturtle17 #9
Chapter 26: mmmm make sure you do this is actually the first time that I'm willing to wait for a story........ EVER ( even on other websites ) and sorry if this sounded demanding it's just because I'm really excited
Eunyoung_Amber #10
Chapter 26: YES!!

P/S : Btw, I'm cutiekoala :)
dreemer #11
Chapter 26: omg omg omg!!! that means more MINKHUN!!! oh yes!!!!<333