*Chapter Five*

Taemin looked at Minho at the corner of his eyes with his arms cross leaning against a dresser.

Minho packed with his eyes only on the stuff he was taking.

He didn't dared to look at Taemin, Scared that lasers was going to come out of his eyes and burn a whole through his head.

Taemin cleared his throat but Minho didn't turn around.

He did it once more and Minho finally gave in.

Minho: "Taemin!!!! Omg... What??? What do you want??? You wanna hear that we weren't about to kiss??? Then I'm sorry I can't lie. No really I can't lie."

Taemin stared at the back of Minho's head and then did a soft laugh.

Taemin: "It's not that. It's not the fact I knew my eyes weren't lieing. It's.... Its..." Minho turned and saw him playing with his fingers.

Minho: "Its what Taemin???" Minho said in a soft voice and he started to move towards him slowly.

Taemin: "It's just that I would like you to come to me, you know count on me when something is bothering you. I mean I don't want you to hold anything to yourself. You should trust us all more. And its clear now. All those times you were lost in thought it was because of Nichkhun. Right???"

Minho looked down at Taemin and smiled.

Minho: "Taemin its not that I don't trust telling you guys anything. It's just..." He took a deep breath. It's just I don't even know my feels for Nichkhun yet. But I promise when I figure it out..." He bent don't to Taemin's eye level. "You'll be the first I tell." He said with a soft smile.

Taemin smiled big and throw his arms around Minho's neck. Minho fell to the floor, laughing and softly hugged Taemin back.


The guys enter the big bus and thought they we're going to find camera's all over.

But surprise to see their was none. None at all.

They were all confused they were told they were going on the MT for a show.

They looked at their manger and he had a slight smile on his face.

Manger: Well you guys seemed like you've been working hard so me and SHINee's manger decided to put this together  for all of you. He smiled again and pointed for them to sit.

Junsu: Why do we need such a big bus if its only gonna be us and SHINee???

Chansung: Is another group coming???

Junho: A girl group maybe!!!!!!!!

Manger: "No of course not. It's because we want you all to be comfortable. Now shut up and relax. He said with a smile. It's a long drive to the MT and we have to go pick up SHINee before we leave out too take a rest."

The bus started to move and they were on their way.

Nichkhun stared out the window with a lost expression. He was worried. Only in a few minutes Minho was going to be getting on the bus. What should he do??? What should he say??? Because Taemin might know, should he not look at Minho or even talk to him??? He didn't want to be cold to Minho... But he didn't want Minho to be in trouble if Taemin didn't know and was just suspecting something. He leaned his head against the window and let out a small sigh.

Nichkhun: What should I do??? He said softly to himself.

The bus came to a slow stop and the doors opened.

Nichkhun's heart begin to move fast. He still didn't know what to do. The first SHINee member to get on was Jonghyun he smiled and bowed to 2PM. Then Onew who also bowed but had a sad expression on his face. Then after Onew, Key followed with a smile and a half way bow. Taemin ran on next and gave a full bow and shook everyone's hand. Their manger followed after Taemin and yelled hello to the 2PM members and their manger. Then last was Minho who smiled sweetly and also gave a full bow.

Jonghyun sat next to Junsu. Onew sat in the back of the bus, two seat from Chansung. Key and Taemin sat together. The mangers sat together. And when Minho started to pass up Nichkhun seat he caught Minho's hand and pulled him into to the seat next to him.

Minho look at Nichkhun with a weird look and his face grew hot.

Nichkhun: "I guess I just couldn't stay away." He said with a side smile and a sweet voice as his and Minho's eyes met.

Voice: "Minho. Why don't we switch seats." They both looked up to see Wooyoung with a soft smile.


Minho stood up a kindly and gave up the seat.

Nichkhun looked at Wooyoung who was smiling at him now.

Wooyoung: "We're seat buddies now!!!" He said in a exciting voice.

Nichkhun: "Yay..." He said with a cute smile then dropped it and pushed Wooyoung shoulder. "I'm never gonna get any alone time with him." He mumbled and started to punch on the pillow behind his head he folded his arms across his chest, closed his eyes and laded his head back.

He mumbled something under his breath and looked at Wooyoung. Wooyoung was staring at Nichkhun in a express like did i do something wrong.

Nichkhun did a mean side smile and put his face back into a mean expression and started to mumble again, he turned his head towards the window and closed his eyes.

Nichkhun: "Why don't we switch seats! Ha! Why don't you go back to your seat... How about that. Everybody's always messing up stuff.I'm starting to think everyone knows that I like him and their trying to keep us from doing anything. Even my dreams are not safe with any of you around." He said to himself in a angry annoyed voice.

He punched his pillow one more time and started to drift off...


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