*~Chapter 17~*

Everyone stood around the door and watched as the water reached the porch.

Everyone had worry looks on their face as they started out the door.

Jay rubbed his head and turn and looked at the mangers.

He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair.

Jay: "So we're flooded in. How are we going to get out???"

Taemin: "How long are we going to have to stay here???"

Everyone started to panic accept Nichkhun and Minho who were sitting in a corner read a magazine together.

Also Taecyeon who sat next to them listen to music.

2pm's manger stood to his feet and put his hands up.

2pm's Manger: "I know your all worried but you all don't start back up on activities tell next week so your fans wont miss you. SHINee's Manger is on the phone right now with someone and they were saying it will only take three days for the water to re turn to it's normal path."

SHINee's Manger closed his phone and stood to his feet.

He took a deep breath and rubbed his head and looked at the boys.

SHINee's Manger: "Theres good new and bad new which one you all wanna know first???"

Nichkhun, Minho, and Taecyeon was paying attention now.

The boys all looked at each other then back at the mangers.

Their faces looked troubled.

So did the manger.

Chansung: "Start with the good news. We need that now." he said softly as he leaned against a wall and grabbed Key's hand and held it tight.

SHINee's Manger: "Well good news they come by with a boat and bring food for all the people that's stranded because of the river. Uh, bad new is they need all the help they can to fix damages because of the storm so myself and 2pm's manger are going to be gone for the next three days."

All their eyes grew big.

And they went in a frantic again.


Nichkhun: "Wait your leaving us here alone. Maybe some of us can go and help." he said standing to his feet.


2pm's Manger: "Ahh no... We can't risk anything happening to any of you. Stay here tell we get back. You all will have enough food and water and by the time we get back it should be time to go home."

Everyone heard a boat motor approaching.

They all wanted to protest more but the mangers had a serious look on their faces.

They took the food boxes and a small grill and coal that the towns people handed them.

Town's Person 1: "Not everyone has as much food as you boys but our daughter worked hard together this all for you once they found out you were stranded here. So enjoy it." The boys bowed to the men and thanked them.

The mangers grabbed their bags and climbed into the boat.

They smiled at the boys.

2pm's manger: "All of you take care of each other." he said with a slight smile but worried look on his face.

SHINee's Manger: "Everything will be fine. We will be back in no time."

As the boat started and started to pull away the boys kinda were worried.

What will happen in these three days.

They watched the boat tell it disappeared.

Time will soon tell.

Secrets will be revealed and relationships will be put to the test.




Next chapters are finals but I will come out with a new story soon.

I hope everyone enjoys then last few chapter.


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