*Chapter Eleven*


Taecyeon stared at Onew.

He really didn't want what they have to end.

He realized Onew didn't have a jacket on and the wind was beginning to pick up.

He looked down at Onew's feet and realize he came after him with just socks on his feet.

Taecyeon saw how Onew's eyes was beginning to water.

Now he really started to wonder if this was the right choice.

He knew Onew loved him.

Why does he need him to say it out loud in front of everyone though.

Onew: "Please don't do this!" He said softly walking towards Taecyeon.

Taecyeon: "No, not this time Onew. I've waited for so long. I don't wanna wait anymore. We're done." His voice quivered when he said those words. His eyes began to burn. Onew was still playing dumb. It looked like he was gonna keep playing dumb too.

Onew: "Taecy..."

Taecyeon: "NO!!!! I've said what I've had to say." He turned his back towards Onew. "Let's pretend this, us never happened." He said in a soft cold voice.

It was Onew first time seeing him so serious, was this really the reason Taecyeon was so upset. Taecyeon started to walk away but Onew couldn't let it end like this. No! He wont let it end like this!!! He ran up behind Taecyeon and through his arms around Taecyeon's waist. And then the tears began to fall.

Onew: "Why???... WHY???!!! Why must you end our relationship for something so petty??? Hmm... Why???" He said in a shaky voice. Taecyeon could feel Onew's tears hit the back of his jacket. He tried to pull away from Onew, but Onew's grip got tighter. He held in his tears and caught a grip of Onew's arms and pushed them away. Onew fell to the ground. He looked up at Taecyeon still in tears. "Taecyeon don't be like this!!!" His tears grew heavy now and his voice cracked. Taecyeon crouched down to Onew's eye level. His eye's seem to have sadness and coldness.

Taecyeon: "Since you won't admit it I'll ask you. And tell me the truth." His voice was serious. "What's going on between you and Junho???!!!" Onew's eyes grew big. He looked into Taecyeon's eyes. He seemed confused.

Onew: "Nothing is going on between us!!! Why are you asking such a question???..." Taecyeon looked into Onew's eyes. He still sat there and denied it. Taecyeon stood to his feet and took a deep breath.

Taecyeon: "No need to lie or denie it anymore I saw it all. The day our taping ended for Idol Army you and Junho I saw you two. Kissing."

Onew: "What the world are you talking about??? That couldn't have been me. I left right after the taping for a photo shoot. You don't remember me telling everyone bye. I told you the day before the show!!!" Taecyeon thought back and remembered Onew telling him about the photo shoot.

Taecyeon: "OH!! I remember!!!" Onew's eyes grew big.

Onew: "OH!!!! You remember!!! Oh!!! You remember!!!" Taecyeon look at Onew in a (I feel bad way.)

Taecyeon: "Onew... I'm really sorry!!! I really thought it was you." He moved close to Onew.

Onew: "Don't touch me I can't believe you think I would do that. I don't even wanna tell our members about us why would I kiss another guy in the open where people can catch us!!! With one of your groups MEMBERS AT THAT!!!" Taecyeon sequenced his face.

Taecyeon: "I'm sorry." He said with a smile. He felt really bad but for some reason he was to happy to keep saying sorry. He gripped Onew's hand and pulled him into his arms and kissed him sweetly. Onew kissed back. A few seconds later Onew pulled away slowly and looked into Taecyeon eye's.

Onew: "Just because you kissed me and I kissed back doesn't mean I'm gonna forgive you so easily. Taecyeon you should know I would never do anything to hurt you. I like you and only you." Taecyeon smiled.

Taecyeon: "I know. I'm sorry I'll never blame anything on you or make you cry again." Onew smiled a threw his arms around Taecyeon's waist and hugged him tight. Taecyeon hugged back. Onew felt something wet hit his face. "Oh! The rain its starting to fall. Let get going before we get sick." He bent down so Onew could climb on his back. "Get on you don't have any shoes." Onew smiled and climbed on. Taecyeon stood to his feet. "Hold on tight." He said sweetly. And started to run towards the direction of the vacation house.

Nichkhun and Minho couldn't believe what just happened, what they just heard, what they just saw. Onew and Taecyeon... Dating... How come noone realized!!! The rain started to come down hard. Nichkhun had no time to think about that now he had to get Minho home out of this cold rain. 

Nichkhun: "Minho." Minho was still stuck in a daze. His leader in love with a guy!!! Who would have thought. Then what's the odds it is a 2PM member at that. "MINHO!!! Snap out of it I'm shock to but we gotta get out of this rain."


Minho: "Mhhh..." Nichkhun grabbed Minho's hand and they ran out of the brush and started down the street back to their vacation home. But then Minho stopped dead in his tracks pulling Nichkhun back.


Nichkhun: "What is it??? Are you okay???" He yelled over the loud rain.


Minho: "If it wasn't Onew Taecyeon saw kissing Junho!!! Then... Then who..." He looked at Nichkhun. "Then who was it???!!!"


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Chapter 28: just a spelling thing, it´s wrapped not rapped xD <3
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Chapter 28: TTnTT I feel horrid for Nickkhun I hope he's feeling better now and finished with the law probs...
Minho was so awesome in his latest Drama To the Beautiful You
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