The Forgotten


Two individuals who had just befriended one another. Park Jimin- a newly transferred student and Erin. After a month being desk mate, they both experienced the same lost. Their squad that was supposed to be 5 in total had decreased to two and that was both of them.

They were all killed in different places, time and method but by the same person. None of the college staffs did anything to solve the riddles left by the killer leaving those two in charge. 

Not caring about the risk of being the next target, they went on a mission on their own to solve this mystery. Would the new kid, Jimin and the girl who thought her life had fallen into an abyss, Erin unveil the truth or was it to no avail?






"I thought..."-Jimin

"I love you, Park Jimin."-Erin


A mysterious romantic drama that would drill your brains to the core.


Main character : Erin and Park Jimin from BTS







This is my first story here. Hope you'll enjoy reading it hehe

I want to try and enter a competition to know what I lacked in my writings.... but that is if I could finish this story on time hahaha



Next week or maybe another two week, I will post the last chapter.. enjoy reading!

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95 streak #1
Chapter 8: Therefore, erin is the sick psycho in first place. How could she befriend jimin and act like a victim. Adhfurnidmsismxks that is scary as hell
Chapter 8: Wait what... so erin is? Heol.. let me digest this new fact first omgg
95 streak #3
Chapter 7: You got me there again aidndkmsksks alright I am.a little confused because of the cliffhanger never mind I have patience I will wait till it gets to the point xD
cottoncandy_97 #4
Chapter 6: Wow~ I'm loving this story so much! Keep up with the good work! :)
Chapter 6: The twist at the end is going to my mind explode.
Jimin is mysterious but she is even worse.
Chapter 6: What.
minminyoong #7
Chapter 6: Why I just discovered this amazing story now? I am left behind.. great plotline you have there. the tory flows is natural and easy to understand. *double thumbs up*
95 streak #8
Chapter 6: The cliffhanger!!!!!! ;A; now im looking forward to what actually happen to her. Come to think about it.. her life has been mysterious up till now
Chapter 6: Sorry everyone for the late update! I'll improve my time management
95 streak #10
Chapter 5: Little jay litle jay... mmmmm I try not to be confuse with the flashback but awws ;__; who is that little jay again.