When We Return

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Lee Sojung usually doesn't do anything stupid or anything that could put her name on shame. As the one and only heir of the Lee family, she's expected to do everything perfectly. Not until she made the most stupid thing in her life, kissing a stranger in front of a crowd in her parent's business meeting.

She was sent on a vacation trip, or more like a rehabilitation to fix her, when she met a guy whose name was unknown to her, a traveler, and her life just keeps on getting better.

Together they travel to different places, and met an accident that could change their life forever.

On their way to Busan, their train was caught up on an earthquake trapping them on a tunnel and they've got to do everything to survive along with 15 other people.

A story of survival, romance and friendship.


I changed Kim Sojung to Lee Sojung so that it won't be too awkward to have both protagonist with the same surname. Hope you would enjoy this story. Kamsahamida~

You know that i love you guys right? Yes i mean it!! Huhu thats why im kind of disappointed right now bcos i think i wont be able to update until next week. Well, exam week is fast approaching and i really need to focus on studying. Umm, see you after next week i guess? :/

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yunachingu 0 points #1
Chapter 19: Update juseyo im so into this!
zheefns #2
Chapter 19: Woahh I hope there's a rescue as soon as possible. i love this great story. I'll waiting patiently for the next update, authornim :))
Chapter 19: omo... yerin unnie TT TT i hate suga so much right now ... anyways thanks for the update authornim!!
ohsnapitzmina #4
Chapter 19: The suspense.. ? I can’t believe the book is almsot over! You’ve really created something great. This is such a lovely book.
Chapter 19: The story is daebakkk author-nim , thank you for the update XD
llamadodaeng #6
Chapter 19: Wow..can't wait for the next update!! Great story author-nim:
sitrus #7
Chapter 19: actually i'm feeling a bit sad since the story is nearing end (but it's actually a good thing though, not making the story dragging). this chapter has a lot of drama/conflict and i really liked it. i mean i love this story so much, and i hope you could do another after you finish this! can't wait for the next update???
ohsnapitzmina #8
Chapter 18: lolol this is so funny and cute.
Vichernandes #9
Chapter 18: My heart... this two are killing me! Thks author nim.
linsie741 #10
Chapter 18: Yesss, thank you for the update! I love the little twists and turns you put in every chapter, I really thought you'd made a mistake when writing 'I love wish'. And the ending! The push and pull between Jin and Sowon is amazing.