Through his eyes


She was a woman alone in Korea.....her passion was dancing and teaching

He was famous and well known...his passion was dancing and music.....and her


Yep, another new story lol my imagination to active lately. I keep dreaming about Shinhwa and end up having to write about it.......


For anyone that's curious, this is the part she was singing.
This part really does make me cry everytime

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c02chu 0 points #1
Chapter 26: Love long chapters
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Chapter 26: Ok first of all, can't believe Jinnie just called Minwoo shorty on his face.. rofl
I was anticipating this chapter so bad, I squealed every few words. I can't even do a sencente for commenting my thoughts...
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Chapter 26: Authornim.....I am so angry with you right is your fault that I cannot thing straight
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Chapter 25: Love it!!! And congrats on the new job....again
Chapter 24: Ok.. My first thought on this one is.. Callie is envious of Charlotte. I can't believe we have our own C. Lol
Chapter 23: I love every words of it..
Chapter 23: very very sweet
chiecross #8
Chapter 22: Tic toc tic toc.. is it 8 pm? I cnt wait??
Chapter 22: coolio. it is gong to be awesome
Chapter 21: Thanks for the update, what got me thinking was; when i read the chapter about Kaye telling C, i was like kinda blaming her. But after i read the Dating Shinhwa, I understand her reason. Cant wait for more updates...