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"From now on, you're my boyfriend" - Oh Sehun

"You're tempted Sehun." - Kim Jongin

i dont know what to write for the description. so just enjoy reading...

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k94_yukina #1
Chapter 2: o(╥﹏╥)o
Where can i read the sequel?
teufelchen_netty #2
Chapter 1: urgs i hate it when sweet fluffy sekai turns into chaeting hunhan.
poor nini ;__;
Chapter 2: Guh sehun is a piece of that needs to suffer in the sequel.
SehunPony22 #4
The description itself pulls the reader in so quickly!I can't wait to read this :D
exokainatsu #5
Chapter 1: Sequel please I want sehun to suffer to realize what he done to nini
newtokpop09 #6
Cerrarriad #7
Chapter 1: Omg yes plz a sequel :"((((((( nini doesn't deserve this ending:"(((((( i just wannna beat sehun to death:(((( i hate cheating...poor nini
SKlove #8
A sequal would be welcome. Im hoping to see a successful jongin in the sequal. And a baby can make it kore interesting. Im hoping to see a more independent jongin and maybe a cameo from minseok.
Im so angry with sehun so maybe you could make him suffer in the sequal :)
barawa 1 points #9
Pleasa author nim make a sequel..pleaseeeeeeee
[deactivated] 1 points #10
Oh please please write a sequel I want Sehun to realise his mistake...