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Kyuhyun UFO Reply .

Fan : Oppa tomorrow the record card will come out ㅠ Should I hide it anyway ?? ㅋ Kyuhyun : Just rip it and throw it away immediately

[We Need To Use This Method ]

Fan : I’m at the 3rd year of high school but I still go to super show 3….If I fail at SAT it will be oppa’s responsibility ^♥^ Kyuhyun : I cant take responsibility ^^

[So Evil !!]

Fan : Suddenly I want to drink Coke ~ Kyuhyun : I want to brush my teeth


Fan : Are you hungry now ? I’m hungry too ㅠㅠ Kyuhyun : You should go to bed at this hour ^^* The fan sent this msg at about 11PM


Fan : It’s very hot ㅠ Are oppa resting in the waiting room with the air-condition ~ ? ㅠㅠ Kyuhyun : No do you know that I’m sleeping in the van with the broken air-condition and it’s deadly hot ㅠㅠ


Fan : Hurry up this cold naengmyeon naengmyeon naengmyeon ~~ I want to eat naengmyeon ㅠ The most handsome...

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Jimin_BTS_ComeyXD #1
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: I don't know what is mean Zai Nan
jjongkeylover #2
Chapter 52: Hahaha...the # kyuvhee conversation (i think) is funny..>v<
Licrymosa #3
Chapter 4: Heechul... He is really the diva of the KPOP. Ahaha. Thank for make me smile! -I think I smiled a lot thanks to your stories and sharings :)
summertwinkle #4
Chapter 27: WOW, Hangeng wore a mask for 2-3 months :O. That's terrible. I did not know that. I'm glad he had Heechul, no wonder they're so close.
summertwinkle #5
Chapter 56: Haha, this post is so funny XD. I was just really curious why it says 16 man.
MyMiniMin #6
MyMiniMin #7
Chapter 1: LOL XD HahahahaxD
sungkyunnie #8
I really like this ^^
aegyobby #9
Chapter 46: Oh my KyuWook <3 <3
znerol08 #10
Chapter 6: wow, kyuhyun's UFO reply are hilarious, i kept on laughing >.<
i just love the way he is...i love him not because he's my bias, i love him because he is Cho Kyuhyun :)