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" please stay with us even just one day " 
we're a general roleplay with ordinary admins aiming to build a fambam for everyone to stay, we accept anyone at all and don't make any promises or guarantee about the fun and activeness, we're trying our best along with our members.  
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follow @httpstayy. stayrp base that's in charge of arrivals, departures, ccs and important announcements.
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follow stayrp game base that's in charge of daily mini games by every admins of stay.
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follow @stay.confessions. stayrp confession base that's's in charge of anon confession from sarahah.
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follow stayrp event base that's in charge of every minor or major event to be hosted.
01. subscribe! upvotes to feed our hungry bases and will be loved to eternity. we accept applications via aff and base dm.

02. reservation only last for 24 hours, please ask for an extension. we're not a roleplay so no contents.

03. minimize cliques, try to blend in with the rest no matter you're new or old in the fam. avoid one-liners and readzone.

04. stories mainly for ooc purpose, ic is welcome too but please limit it. no ooc captions for post, we want it to be ic focused only. no bias chasing, whatever chasing in the fam.

05. 1-week dating ban for every newbie except moving couples will be excluded, all kinds of orientations and pregnancies but quench your thirst for the first week, please.

06. be active inside out of dm. post at least once a week. activity check once a month, random kick out will happen anytime without further notice.

07. any inquiries, dm base or available admins. max hiatus is one month, semi-hiatus 2 months. extension is allowed.

08. post your introduction for your face-claim within 24 hours upon arrival or one warning of inactiveness will be given. 

01. one account per head unless you have two. give a chance to the others who would want to apply as the face-claim.

02. browse through our master list for your desired face-claim but if you're indecisive, please check out our wishlist.

03. comment with the latest format located below in
the comment section or your application will be rejected.

04. once accepted, please get your account ready and follow all the bases and admins. clean recycle account accepted.

05. if you're applying as ulzzang, please state their instagram /social media username in your application if they have one.

application format;
name,group/career + if you woke up one day as the opposite , what is the first thing you would do?

2PM: taecyeon
APINK: bomi. 
AOMG: gray. loco.
AOA: seolhyun
ASTRO: eunwoo. 
B1A4: gongchan. jinyoung.
BAP: yongguk.
BIGBANG: top. gd.
BLACKPINK: lisa. jennie. jisoo. rose.
BLOCKB: p.o. u-kwon.
BTS: jungkook. jin. jimin. j-hope.
rm. suga. v.
DAY6: jae. young k. 
DIA: jueun.
DPR: christian yu.
EXID: hani.
EXO: baekhyun. chanyeol. chen. d.o. kai.  suho. sehun. xiumin
F(X): amber. krystal.

GFRIEND: sowon. yuju. yerin
GOT7: bambam. jackson. jb. jinyoung. mark. yugyeom. youngjae.
GUGUDAN: sejeong.
IKON: b.i. bobby. jinhwan. junhoe.
INFINITE: sungyeol. woohyun.
JYJ: jaejoong.
KARD: jiwoo. 
LOONA: choerry. yves. 
LOVELYZ : jin 
MAMAMOO: moonbyul.
MAP6: jvin.
MOMOLAND: yeonwoo.
MONSTAX: i.m. hyungwon. shownu. wonho
MXM: youngmin.
NCT: chenle. johnny. renjun. taeyong. ten. winwin. yuta.
PENTAGON: hongseok.
PRISTIN: kyulkyung. xiyeon
REDVELVET: joy. irene. seulgi. wendy. yeri.
SEVENTEEN: mingyu. the8. vernon. wonwoo
SF9: rowoon.
SHINEE: key. minho. taemin. 
SNSD: hyoyeon. sooyoung. seohyun. taeyeon. yuri. yoona.
STRAYKIDS: hyunjin
SUPERJUNIOR: heechul. 
TWICE: chaeyoung. dahyun. jihyo. mina. momo. nayeon. sana. tzuyu.
T-ARA: jiyeon.
VIXX: leo.
WANNAONE: daniel. guanlin. jihoon. minhyun. seongwoo.
WEKIMEKI: doyeon 
WINNER: jinwoo. mino. seungyoon.
WJSN: bona. chengxiao. eunseo.
ZE:A: hyungsik.

ACTOR: kim jisoo. lee hyunwoo. lee joon. lee jongsuknam joohyuk
ACTRESS: go harahan hyoojo. kim heejung. kim sohyun. kim yoojung. lee sungkyung. seorina. sulli. 
INTERNATIONAL: ariana grande. lily maymac. lauren jauregui.
SOLOIST: cl. dean. hyuna. iu. jeon somi. jessica jung. kris wu. lee hi. luhan. one. sunmi. sik-k. tiffany hwang. uee. 
OTHERS: junoflo. sway. yoon nada. shin ryujin.
ULZZANG/MODEL: baek yejin. choi jiwoon. hyejin. jessica. kang yongjin. lee dasom. lee dohyeong. lee sangbi. na haeun. shin jaehyuk. son hwamin. yang inmo. shin jaehyuk.

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the self-proclaimed cutie that will invade your dms with soft memes.
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the ultimate cute gucci baby that's made up of 101 percent of cuteness.
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PARK JIHYO @jihyo.ez
the one and only female admin thats stuck with 3 gheipeach asses send help
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the superb mommy that is good at everything and barks when you called.
01. SOHYUN wishes for wanna one's daehwi! i wanna be friends with you cutie and of course more fun people to come to our famm. let's all be friends okay okay.
02. JESSICA wishes for a sugar daddi.
03. MARK wishes for kim heejung, you who's currently reading this and someone for me to spoil and comfortably talk to, especially JYP Fam.
04. JAEJOONG wishes for TVXQ, JYJ especially junsu, super junior, kara, sandara.
05. LILY wishes for the rest of super junior, model's won jongjin & park hyungseok. park hyemin aka make up artist pony and f(x).
06. U-KWON wishes for complete block b
07. YOONA wishes for complete snsd especially choi sooyoung and still wishing for my lee seyeong please.
08. JISOO wishes for please bring my yoo seungho oppa here.
09. TAEYEON wishes for monsta x's wonho juseyo, super junior 
10. SOMIN wishes for kard, vixx's ravi, jooyoung, hanhae, kisum.
11. I.M wishes for monsta x hyungs especially kihyun
12. ROWOON wishes for need my sf9 brothers.
13. BONA wishes for wjsn, suju, lovelyz, strat kids, sf9, boa, snsd.
14. SEUNGYOON wishes for seunghoon hyung and big bang and ikon's chanwoo and infinite
15. TZUYU wishes for complete sf9 and seventeen.
16. LAUREN wishes for complete fifth harmony including camila.
17. RENJUN wishes for people to stop being thirsty.
18. SUNGYEOL wishes for complete infinite, sf9, astro, lovelyz and golden child.
19. JINYOUNG wishes for loona, especially yeojin
20. YONGJIN wishes for a sugar mummy.
21. JINWOO wishes for seunghoon to complete winner and vixx and twice for my baby aka somi cause she wants twice and more suju please, sistar too.
22. YOUNGJAE wishes for complete day6.
23. TAEYONG wishes for sistar especially dasom.
24. JIHOON wishes for complete wanna one, kim samuel, the boyz haknyeon, lovelyz.
25. MOONBYUL wishes for my wife yongsun jsy and my 2nd wife aka soojung jsy and pwetty girls
26. YVES wishes for loona members especially chuu and choerry, please come to me.
27. BAEKHYUN wishes for GFRIEND, PRISTIN especially roa and WJSN's exy and seola for jongin LOL.


jungkook x v 281216
mino x hyungsik 190817
junhoe x jinhwan 290117
dean x tiffany 090317.
t.o.p x jinwoo 101317
ten x taeyong 140517
chanyeol x baekhyun 041117
jae x momo 041017
seulgi x jessica 121117
jaejoong x sunmi 171117
young k x ariana 281117
p.o x  u-kwon 301117
jaehyun x sulli 281117
hyoyeon x irene 061217
yuta x winwin 151217
kai x chengxiao 171217
daniel x sejeong 190716
loco x cl 080816
hongseok x youngmin 191217
jaehyuk x jiwoon 271217
bambam x lisa 291217
j-hope x jihyo 021018
jimin x jisoo 031018
rowoon x jennie 070118
johnny x renjun 090118
jackson x jinyoung 100118
minho x key 120118
christian x rose 120118
yoona x tzuyu 140118
jongsuk x hyojoo 241217



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hello! we may be a long established rp but we're still fresh and lit in our own way; we're just like any other rp out there, just an ordinary small family that's pretty active and loving. we're here to offer you love and care that you may need, also up to listen to all your problems.

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hello, it's gongchan. i've been very busy - i don't think i can continue my stay here. thanks for having me. it was fun! i will make sure to clean up my account tomorrow.
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Model . Dancer
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sunghoon left.
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UPDATED BY JJK // 170118.

+ ml updated!
+ application format changed!
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the powerpuff girls
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