Sehun always believed that a broken relationship could never be salvaged. He thought people who got back together after a break-up were stupid. But after hastily leaving his girlfriend of two years because of his parents’ decision, he came to realise that sometimes, though a relationship may be broken, people will never stop loving each other.




Genre: Romance
Pairing: Sehun x OC
Length: One shot
Warning(s): None


Inspired by the song 'Closer':


Author's note:

I already have the entire one shot written, but I will not put it up yet because this was meant to be for the Winter magazine. So for those who want to read it before I put it up here, please subscribe to the AFF Magazine: Winter Holidays edition where other stories by other writers will be up too. I will pnly update and complete this one shot 24 hours after my story has been published in the magazine, so please subscribe to the magazine to read it first! My friend Queen worked really hard on this issue and it's so pretty, go check it out! And in case you guys are looking for the link to the magazine because you missed it previously:

「AFF MAGAZINE」 || Winter Holidays Edition - Issue Nº 2
「AFF MAGAZINE」 || Winter Holidays Edition - Issue Nº 2
「AFF MAGAZINE」 || Winter Holidays Edition - Issue Nº 2

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se_xing #1
Chapter 1: Stop calling me baby sehun its so not good for my health
blue_izce8 #2
Chapter 1: I love how you injected the song in the story.
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 1: I like song ideas, and I really like this story(:
Glenzzz #4
Its justabout time that every story of yours going to be featured(^ω^)
Eunsmoon 109 streak #5
Congrats on the feature! Love your sehun stuff!
18 streak #6
Chapter 1: This was so cute! Awesome story :D
miracleee #7
Awww congrats on getting featured!!!
paperlove #8
Congrats~ Great read!
1 points #9
Chapter 1: Thats a big fat NO SEQUEL
Chapter 1: I really want to see that Botox man's face when Sehun calls her Darling.. Haha... Screw u !! I love the honesty.. It feels real and relatable.. I really love it.. Thank u ^^