My world was shaking (Until you held my hand)


An overprotective bestfriend and an obsessive stalker, Taehyung did not expect Jeon Jungkook to offer his hand for him to take. 





" Is this okay?" Jungkook smiles at him, gently lifting his hand up, brushing his lips over the latter's fingers. 


Taehyung couldnt help but blush at the sudden actions. He gently nods, giving Jungkook one of his sweetest smiles.


" Im not shaking..." Taehyung whispers. Scooting closer to him. Jungkook only leans down, bumping their foreheads together.


" Should i take that as a good sign?" Jungkook smiles. 


" of course you buttface" Taehyung giggles.



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irsalinaidzm #1
Chapter 14: What happen?????? Please don't let anything bad happen again TToTT I wanna see my baby taekook happy :')
Chapter 14: Omg cliffhanger T^T NEOMUHAE NEOMUHAE
Chapter 14: Wht hell happened now!!!????? Omi gawd!
Beauty_xoxo #4
Chapter 14: Oh no..what's gonna happen next
Kotone #5
Chapter 14: Oh finally an update thank you authornim ...n wat happen to jungkook is he in trouble or did he just kill soojung( ・ั﹏・ั)
Bubbaboo #6
Chapter 13: Is that gonna be Seokjin or Namjoon?!
Kotone #7
Chapter 13: The story is so beautiful..plz update soon I'm dying out of curiosity:)
irsalinaidzm #8
Chapter 13: Am I seeing things now!?? OMIGOD FINALLY!!! I really love this story. Please update again soon~
Chapter 13: And man jungkook and yoongi sure are whipped and I live for whipped kookie and yoonyoon!!! >_<
Chapter 13: Woah!!! Hmm.. joonie?