One In A Million (One Shots Collection)

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Hi ! I’m going to write some one-shots here. And you can request your idea on the comment section below.

The OTP will be mainly MiChaeng ll 2Yeon ll Satzu ll Dahmo, but in the future maybe I can write others otp too.. So I gladly expect your request !

I don’t know how frequently I can update a story, but I will immediately update a story when I have some ideas to write ! 


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Hope you can enjoy this stories aswell !

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Chapter 24: This is so cute! Thank you for this chapter :) I hope you can make another SaTzu fanfic. Yes yay to SaTzu one of the main and royal ships of Twice!
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Chapter 25: Yassssss chaeng!!!
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Chapter 25: the ending lmao
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Chapter 25: Hahaha i like the ending~
Chapter 24: rolling
104 streak #6
Chapter 24: Im blushing.... Haha
michaeng_ftw #7
Chapter 24: DAHMOOOOO
Chapter 24: ♡.♡
Chapter 10: I think this chapter...hv to be story..i mean " my lucky charm" need to be more chapter..or u can make it a long story... I rlly love all of the chapt of "MY lucky charm"♡.♡
Chapter 23: SaTzu plz!!