His Miss Cupid

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Will Jeon Jungkook fall victim to Park Jimin's love arrow(s)? She just wanted to help.



Park Jimin was always playing Miss Cupid, this time wasn't an exception either. She couldn't help it though. Seeing  her friends; whether they be male or femaile hung over on their never ending love quests,  she almost always couldn't help herself from lending them a guiding hand towards the right direction. She had "a heart of gold", that's what her friends would tell you. But she denies it fully on the contrary as she claims that she was born with only one thing, Cupid's heart. 

Along with Cupid's heart, Jimin could have sworn that she was given his invisible love bow and an enless supply of spell bond arrows, that could surely make you fall in love with someone right on the spot. Okay, well maybe not right on the spot per say but her efforts were literally little love mircales that could make you say otherwise. And as a self proclaimed Miss Cupid, Jimin already had her eye on her next project, BTS' Golden Maknae.

Jeon Jungkook.




Author's Note:
Hi my lovely readers,
I know I have yet to finish or update my other stories but this idea was too good to not share with you all <3 I hope you all will like this. I'll update this tomorrow sometime, so let me know what you think of the forward

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alohaha #1
Please start the story soon :(
avisdawn #2
I wish you'll start the story soon :)
avisdawn #3
Happy New Year!!!!
I hope that you're going to update this story soon :)
This seems to be interesting
tehanie #4
please update soon authornim :) that will be a great gift to your readers :) btw, I'm a big fan of yours :)) I'm a fan of all authors of 15& jimin fanfics':)spread the love for our jiminie :)
Shaboobla #5
My OTP ship!!! I can't wait for your update, please grant us with the first chapter soon. Good luck
eminameow 1 points #6

MY SUPER SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lazysunflower 1 points #7
Already hooked to your new story..cant wait for more:)
Jia_Yi 1 points #8
looks interesting!! cant wait! omg jimin is bias af
enehkiux 1 points #9
The foreword got me hooked already authornim. I cannot wait to read this piece. This might just feed my craving for more BTSxJamie because as we know, the boys might just be too big for ASC now.
K1ngJB06 1 points #10
Sounds interesting. PLEASE WRITE MORE