The Scarlet In Her Eyes

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Moonbyul is a centuries-old vampire, who has just moved into the town of Saffron as a transfer student. And her new math teacher, Kim Yongsun, is dangerously attractive.



This fanfiction contains blood, (maybe) ual tension, a bit of cursing, and perhaps death. Do not proceed if you are not comfortable with the topics listed. This is not your typical happy highschool vampire fanfiction.

Hope you enjoy the story!

note: make sure to not read the comments if you don't want to be spoiled!



poster credits to slategrey from neverland republic!


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Ah4Rae #1
Chapter 6: As the vampire she is, maybe she knew a Yongsun past life, also I thought about other girl she was in love , but nope,I like more the thing about past life, but who knows(? Update soon author this is great!!
Old_Moomoo #2
Chapter 6: Hmm... this is getting interesting.. I wonder whose voice is it?
KSeobang #3
Chapter 6: I would love this fanfics to be complicated, fluff, sweet, hot, and full of hapiness til the last chapter but i don't trust you. I've read your other works and.. yea. I don't trust you with endings.. always makes me cry
Moonsun2122 #4
Chapter 6: too many possibilities of Byul's past, i hope this is not an angst though :(
hope to see their relationship develops!!!
Keep up the good work author-nim
RyokoXD #5
Chapter 6: Omg I love this ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄ please update more ♡
Chapter 6: You little making this able to go so many ways omg okay I think that moonboob knew yongsuns past life/someone similar to yong but then I don't trust anything bc we're both angst writers and angst writers are sneaky s!! Js I marathoned all 6 chapters I hope you appreciate my efforts I jinjja sarang you authornim update soon annyeong
samchil37 #7
Chapter 6: Cant wait to see further development of their relationship. Go go go, Authornim! Thx for the updtae!
Debora-Lunny #8
Go go moonsun!
I'm in love with the teacher Yongsun and vamp byul.
It is just so good. I love you author-nim.
Monstarlove #9
Chapter 6: if Byul has lived for many years it`s possible that they met before, something like her past life or something like that, maybe another human, her first love?
This is so good, I can`t wait to see what happen :)
Moonia #10
Chapter 6: I think I've watched too much of Goblin, all I can think about is maybe Moonbyul knew Yongsun's past life ?? Can't wait to see what that's all about and learn more about Byul's past ! I'm also enjoying Byul's friendship with Wheein and Eric, hope to see more too, great chapter as always, really drawn into this story