The Scarlet In Her Eyes


Moonbyul is a centuries-old vampire, who has just moved into the town of Saffron as a transfer student. And her new math teacher, Kim Yongsun, is dangerously attractive.



This fanfiction contains blood, (maybe) ual tension, a bit of cursing, and perhaps death. Do not proceed if you are not comfortable with the topics listed. This is not your typical happy highschool vampire fanfiction.

Hope you enjoy the story!

note: make sure to not read the comments if you don't want to be spoiled!



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Joezette #1
Chapter 7: One thought tho, did byul kiss yongsun before brushing her teeth? XD she did vomitted right lol
This is really good and interesting! Thank you :)
breathmyname #2
God, the cliffhanger....You killed me!
smirk7 #3
Chapter 7: Waittttt whats up with yongsun... :(
Llama_Beans #4
Chapter 7: It's thrilling! Oh god! I love this chap❤️ I hope you'll update soon. I'm so gay for MoonSun ;_;
nekokawaii #5
Chapter 7: My heart is so gay for moonsun. Cliffhanger! I love this chapter so much.
evaboersma #6
Chapter 7: wow!! this is by far one of the best fanfictions ive ever read...please update soon ily
LetMeLive #7
Chapter 7: Ajshdjdkfkgkahhj *dies*
This chapter is omg.

Okay didn't expect that I'm so gonna be so into this story. Thought it was just gonna be another cliche vapmire x human story. And it is. Lol. BUT you made it so enternaining and good as heck. You write so well. Every chapter was so exciting to read. Kept me wanting to read more that's why I basically read the whole thing in just one sitting. I stayed up late cause of this and will probably be late for work. But it's worth it. Lol. CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE CHAPTERS! <3
MyBaex #8
Chapter 7: omg I'm blushing
I love this chapter!!
Chapter 7: First of all, i love how you write, its a goal for me, you just burst every words and just pick it up when you need them, thats amazing, whenever i write, i get mindblocked, i kept using the same word and actions for the scenes :( though i love writing as well :D its just that, i love stories with less convo initiation, more thoughts, actions and prespectives :D

Okay, for this chapter, this was really good, i have a theory-- no, just a guess, that Yongsun mightttt be also immortal? Why? Shes too young to be a teacher, secondly, she's somewhat familiar according to Byul, third, how come she haven't reacted yet that Byul drank beer and didn't even thought of her as a minor which was funny , they became good friends instantly too.

This is why i love this fanfic, its just interesting, vampire AUs are cliches, but its not when the story itself is different, interesting and creative!

Keep it up Author! This is truly what you can call a masterpiece :^)
Chapter 6: I like how this isnt possible when it comes to reality, but this is somewhat nice, though we all know Student teacher relationships have limits :( i remembered my fav manga called Domestic na Kanojo in this fanfic, its somewhat similar though theyre step siblings there, the guy had this huge crush on a teacher that became her step sis