The Scarlet In Her Eyes

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Moonbyul is a centuries-old vampire, who has just moved into the town of Saffron as a transfer student. And for some reason, she feels dangerously attracted to her Math teacher, Kim Yongsun.



This fanfiction contains blood, (maybe) ual tension, a bit of cursing, and perhaps death. Do not proceed if you are not comfortable with the topics listed. This is not your typical happy highschool vampire fanfiction.

This is also very slightly based off of Twilight, however not completely. Updates will be made every Friday at 10pm KST. (Give or take a couple hours)

Hope you enjoy the story!

note: make sure to not read the comments if you don't want to be spoiled!



poster credits to slategrey from neverland republic!


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power_cell88 0 points #1
Chapter 5: ooooo i was suspecting eric likes byul since hes always helping her out n stuff from the previous chaps and this solidifies it ahahah i wonder what byul wld do :p
didnt expect the step siblings thing though!
cant wait for more details from eric :)
Scarlett00002 #2
Chapter 5: Oh my lord, that was a great plot twist. Btw, I love how descriptive the nightmare scene is. Thanks for another great chapter :)
nekokawaii #3
Chapter 5: Oh god i didnt expect that! Hahaha! I bet Yongsun is jealous, she knows Eric likes Byulyi my baybeh
Chapter 5: Holy fck. I cant believe you made such a huge plot twist. Wtf omg my heart. It was breaking cuz of Eric and now its freaking confused cuz what will happen to moonsun now??
I cant believe you tricked all of us. ㅠㅠ you made us all think there was something with eric and solar. And well.. i guess there indeed was something going on between them D: BUT OMG I DID NOT EXPECT THIS?!
Lyndsefine #5
Chapter 5: I was at the part where Eric gets top grade and was like, "it'd be funny if Moonbyul was actually his crush." Lo and behold, it still had me surprised
Sydney_riddle #6
Chapter 5: Omg wtf how you gonna do this
moonrapstar #7
Chapter 5: Chapter 5: i'm like, omg that was the last thing i expected, this is going to be funny
Llama_Beans #8
Chapter 5: Wow what a twist hahaha i didn't see it coming. Anyways looking forward to the next chap. Am loving it!
Moonsun2122 #9
Chapter 5: wow that's unexpected... so eric isn't a third wheel hahahaha someone is jealous i persume :)
can't wait to see the update (and byul please say no ^^)