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Since I have such a long list of Yoonmin Fanfics I like, I thought of sharing it with you guys! It says Completed but I'm always posting new ones.



Warning: Since I'm a person that doesn't like heavy angst and bad endings there probably won't be any. Also many fics.


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sujukyu18 #1
Chapter 263: Anyone know where I can read A Single Chance to Not Hit a Sour Note? I really want to read it.....
The Songbird and The Sea by MissterMaia THE MASTERPIECE gotta read it cause it's a must AND THE BEST
Saltation from momoratime TRUST ME IT IS THE BEST ONE GOING ON and it is Alpha/omega Au bit the best one out there on the Yoonmin market *-*
Chapter 1: Hi! I find your recs really useful as we appear to have the same taste in fics :P
I'm making my own list of stories I enjoyed reading and I hope you won't mind that there will be a lot of stories I found here >-<
Anyway, thank you for your hard work providing us with awesome stories to read!!
64 streak #5
these are some awesome recs thank you!!!!
Shirsha23 #6
Chapter 385: 385 this story was so cuuuuuuteeeee! I really loved it ~~
afbahrah #7
Chapter 380: fluff! more please ~
Tomoshibiakari #8
Chapter 380: This story is so sweetttttt Please recommende more?
tinetinetine1414 #9
Chapter 359: I really like alpha omega AU! especially with yoonmin and taekook with it <3
Chapter 376: Thank you for the rec! Makes life so easy tbh