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— Welcome to Maseol.
hwaga teulol eul jolong haji (Never taunt an angry troll).

Whether you've flown a broom, befriended Ghouls, been chased down Mabeob Alley by a Dragon Toad, see Thestrals, or believe in Heliopaths, or whether you've grown up thinking Magic was a myth, it doesn't change one simple fact...you're a wizard.
I'm here to welcome you to the exciting realm of the Korean Wizarding World were beginning at age eleven young Witches and Wizards from all over Korea begin their exciting journey here: At Maseol, Academy of Magic. This is a school filled with wonders from all over the Wizarding World, though we hope you study hard...but most of all have fun. However do be cautious, for it seems our Headmaster and loyal Professors maybe be hiding something for the students well being's, but if there is darkness brewing then all must be on their guard...what secrets are to be told?
♚ Subscribe if applying, and do not unsubscribe I want to know you are still alive, well, and reading if I choose you. Upvotes and recommendations to friends is optional of course, but much loved!
♚ Fill in the app carefully and with detail, make sure you pay attention to the cheatsheet it will help you lots.
♚ No bashing (though I honestly can say I doubt I'll see any of that from you guys) me or any other applicants or else I will reject your character.
♚ I will not accept characters chosen for other fics, however I will accept un chosen apps if they are sufficiently unique. I love originality just so you know^^
♚ If you have any questions that aren't answered in the cheatsheet, feel free to hit me up and ask, I will definitely answer any questions you have! So don't be shy^^
♚ I will be having a character of my own in the story, so I am excepting eight plotlines.
♚ You MUST comments every 2-3 chapter (or more often if you like^^) if you are chosen. Okie, that's it for the rules, have fun!!
TITLE. — Maseol, Academy of Magic
AUTHOR. — Lion_Heart36
GENRE. — fantasy, romance, friendship, comedy, adventure
CHARACTERS. — Moon Hyerin, Kim Jooyeon, Son Kyungmi, Song Sungeun, Han Taeyang, Jin Lea, Nam Taejin, Choi Raejin, tba, tba
ESTABLISHED. — May 19 2016
DEADLINE. — January 30th 2017
Hello everyone, Lion_Heart36 here. I decided to start up this applyfic, because I have been really itching to write a Harry Potter AU. Anyways I am super excited about this, and very much appreciate detail and quality over quantity, but that isn't to say I dislike long apps either, just as long as it is well done. So yeah, this will not just be one year, it will be from the characters first year to seventh, and then an epilogue with their children or something like that so this will be rather long. So be prepared for that lol.


Graphic Credit goes to: — CKND `grphcs

Thank You so much!!!


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Sakura19Haruno95 0 points #1
Chapter 4: Thank you for the review! I'll fix the things you mentioned and it's completely fine to use Wonho as love interest and Joongki as another love rival :) I'll fix them later today as I have to go to work :)
0 points #2
Chapter 4: There was something wrong with my laptop and the website so when its finally fixed, I saw most of my things on the website are deleted. Is it all right if I start again and do another applicant form?
VampDarkness #3
Chapter 4: Oh gooossssshhhhh!!!!!! I got so excited when I saw ma boy there^^ I'm glad you loved him haha :) I'll fix that little quidditch Seeker-Keeper part :)
VampDarkness #4
Oh gosh, so sorry, I needed to fix something on my app I forgot about, here it is all finished: http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/1190187

I hope it is ok!!
Chapter 1: I just finished editing! You can review it again :)
VampDarkness #6
Chapter 7: I promise I'll have my app in soon!!
Chapter 4: I have a question, what is the total points for my applicant form? I'm curious
Chapter 5: ahh, thank you for choosing taejin!
the teaser was really cute and summed up taejin (and soojin) really well - especially his love for all things pranks and quidditch! i'm really looking forward to the story now!
Chapter 5: Awww, what a prankster!! I can't wait for Taejin"s reaction to "Deadly Seon" hehe. :P And it seems like we've got another Quidditch-obsessed kid in the group. XD Taejin definitely sounds like he's the epitome of fun, haha. ^^
Chapter 4: Thanks for reviewing my app~ I'll fix it up right away :) One question: is it possible for me to change the love interest from PCY to OSH? Since its sort of based on my otps
Thank you~