Life with Idols

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Hey Say JUMP as themselves (I'm going to include Ryutaro just because I want to.)

You (If you guys wanna be the OC) as Ayaka Sohma 


Other characters may appear.


You, Ayaka Sohma, are a new transfer student at Horikoshi High, as your parents have moved back from America, where you stayed for the past 10 years. Yes, you are a 18 year old teen who can hardly speak Japanese, but thankfully, you can converse a bit thanks to the fact that your mom is half Chinese. 

One thing to note is that, you dad is a close partner of Johnny Kitagawa and you know most Jrs around your age. 





Well, now, lets get onto the story~


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Sweetheart123 #1
Chapter 8: Update please
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Chapter 8: Looking forward to the next chapter
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Chapter 7: love it! next pleasee~~
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I couldn't really find any jpop fanfics...
But now I found this!!!
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OAGDSKJGAEROG DAIKI IS SO MOODY LOL, so mean dai-chan so mean haha
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it's sooooooooooo nice~ update soooooooooooon~
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waaa~!! I am loving it. please update soon. :))