A Devil's Love [REVAMP]

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Welcome to the roller coaster ride with Kai, Krystal and Sehun. Basically everyone has a love-hate relationship with eachother due to the worst past they share.

So the main question is whether even with the past within each one of them, will their friendship and love hold them together or will all of them be left broken in the end ?



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Apologies to our dear subscribers cause as you can see, we are going for a revamp and there will be no updates any soon T.T

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Chapter 1: am really enjoying this so far~
ikrystal #2
Wow I really like this kind of story.. How you describe all the situation is perfect.. I can even imagine the place, the tense, and their feeling well.. So curious about three of them.. Thank you for your update :)
Chapter 1: Please update soon !! I love it !! <3 <3
natashanash13 #4
Chapter 1: love it. thank u ❣️
thank you for this.
swaglord #6
Love everything!
Tzuyu_21 #7
vip_anny #8
Chapter 1: Keep it up
Chrisfkboy #10
I'm interested in this