A Devil's Love


Welcome to the roller coaster ride with Kai, Krystal and Sehun. Basically everyone has a love-hate relationship with eachother due to the worst past they share.

So the main question is whether even with the past within each one of them, will their friendship and love hold them together or will all of them be left broken in the end ?



Poster credits to Clandestine Avenue, btsftw and Say Cheese Shop.



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Tzuyu_21 #1
vip_anny #2
Chapter 1: Keep it up
[deactivated] #4
I'm interested in this
Chapter 1: I'm impressed! The way you described that dark, rainy night made me feel like I was experiencing the weather myself :D It was a strong start for a gangster!AU fic and I enjoyed this chapter a lot~ Keep up the good work! ^^
wow, this story looks like itll be really interesting! i was drawn in by the description and it really matches the title as well as the fiery background~ im glad i stumbled across this ^-^
fexobb #7
Chapter 7: i love this ff tho, its different from others.
fexobb #8
Chapter 7: baby krystal why are you living life like this :')
bangtaniu #9
Chapter 7: merry christmas too <3 thanks for updating! i ship kaistal but sehun is...o my god i can't decide
Ohhuse #10
Oooh good! Keep writing