Yoo Hyun Jin






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orangefanta #1
Chapter 270: more f her pics,
orangefanta #2
Chapter 237: i don't think song ahri is natural at all when i saw her face. one thing that she obviously did is facial reshaping and her eyes. maybe some aegyo-sal injections too.

it's not that i hate her or anything but she has the features of a sung-goe( 성괴)
ohmyswaeg #3
Chapter 180: From Chapter 180 :D
ohmyswaeg #4
Chapter 180: Give me the names of these ulzzangs please~
ohemgeeitsnice #5
Chapter 78: Park Hyojin <3
cactus_ #6
Hey there

I wanna thank you for this gallery haha it surely is lots of work
these ulzzang galleries help me out so much
great job :)
Rinnchul #7
Chapter 188: Chapter 188: The 6th pic of the girl in the pink dress. That is the model Minah (not the singer from girls day) she's just a model ^^
RoriHime #8
Sorry to ask, but do you possibly know this girl? ;;

Lildevilxoxo #9
Chapter 302: omg she is beyond gorgeous
MinHeeSeulBANA #10
Chapter 134: AHHHH~!!! Minaahhh~~!! I love her soo much~! She's my idol~! So cute and cheerful >.<