Lee Eun Ji

by smileb
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YulAddicts () says about chapter 124:
Young Sehun oppa still handsome!He's naturally handsome!Saranghae oppa so muchh!

Cassiopeia_ELF () says:
Do you recognise this Ulzzang??

crasykikki () says about chapter 302:
Zhang Xinyuan is really a beauty <3 I just love how innocently she look <3

irene_cute () says about chapter 40:
She's really pretty. ;A;

irene_cute () says about chapter 15:
Woah! Lee Dasom isss really cute! ican't even ;___;

Ohmyjaja () says about chapter 40:
Finally found her too, she's the one I've been looking for here and at last I know her name now. I agree she's so beautiful :))) Son Joo Hee :))) The search is over.

binary_ () says about chapter 239:
Taejun and Chihoon are couples? O_O

GoldenPeace () says about chapter 302:
Omg, she's so pretty! -///- Wah...

lydiaster () says:
can you please tell me who this ulzzang is?

feisu_619 () says about chapter 67:
Ban Nam Gyu <3

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