Lee Eun Ji





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H_Haru_H #2
Can somebody please help me? Who is the last guy in the first column of the poster?
apcv_123 #3
I really like it
Qash_Nat #4
who is dis :
B2stFan3 #5
In your poster for this shop, who is the guy in the 2nd column and at the ver bottom? The one who has his finger under his eye?
kvthx- #6
do you know who this is?
Lilium1 #7
And this person:
Lilium1 #8
Do you guys know who this is:
Monteen #9
Chapter 9: Wonho though xDDD, such predebut pictures.
Lilium1 #10
Chapter 1: Hi I was wondering who the female ulzzangs in your poster are?