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Lee Eun Ji




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SM17ES_Bullets #1
Chapter 9: Wonho though xDDD, such predebut pictures.
xxelenaxx #2
Chapter 1: Hi I was wondering who the female ulzzangs in your poster are?
CrazyLaylay7 #3
Chapter 5: Park Tae Jun looks like Yongwa from CN Blue little
kim_hyunkyo05 #4
Author-nim do you know any ulzzang girl look likes l.joe teentop? Thanks before
daisoya- #5
Chapter 79: hi authornim some of the picts want pony ^^ theres ulzzang lee geumhee there too :D
OfficiallyTaken #6
Chapter 17: Do you know the name of the girl towards the last 7 (The one with the bunny case for her phone)? If you do, please reply back ^~^ and plus, this story is really useful! Thanks for doing these :')
IceeRagDoll #7
I just want to say mother of lord kodos to you author-nim.
I was looking for pics of Kwon Su Jeong and I can say you made so much easier for me lol
Thank you so much for this and even helping everyone with their questions and what not
Super awesome and thanks again!
Layni17 #8
I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know any ulzzangs with a lot of gifs what aren't Kim Seuk Hye? Preferably look around twenty?
Qash_Nat #9
Do you know the story My Gangster on AFF? Can you please tell me who's the girl on the poster?
Shirotakashi #10
Hi! If you can answer my question that'll be awesome!
Do you know any girl ulzzang that matchs a outgoing, kinda nerdy, sporty and a bit rude girl?