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Revel in the wonderful pool of brilliance that is winter. I am in full writing mode this year (2014); Johari Window will be the first story to be completed -the others following shortly after. Rejoice! Endings to finally come and new stories to expect over on LJ(@mickota).

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Yo, yo, yo, this be kota striking a pose. reason no. 365 why am not to be trusted when initiating conversation. below is a .gif representation of 2013. as you can see i gained weight and started pinching my cheeks. not to toot my own horn -i played sax that's a horn right- my abs are sore and it feels great to exercise a gain right so as the year progresses you may notice my age starting to show, i am a two-faced bastard borne during primavera which doesn't explain why i like to frolick in snow and icy temperatures, but it does explain my adoration for 

i come from a land far, far away. a planet inhabited by demigods called E X O. i wish to O and X all twelve. 

recently, i became a graduate student (maestría). ho lee shit.

also, i am full of useless information unless you know how to use it.


això és pura xerrameca (:


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