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Definition of a reviewer -

re - view - er 

n.   One who reviews, especially one who writes critical reviews, as for a newspaper or magazine.


My Definition of a reviewer -                                                                                       

Being a reviewer mostly means that I have to give harsh criticism, not say flattering words to Author(s) if your story is not reaching an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average; my average. Other than that, I believe honesty is the best policy, a bonus in fact you’ll get tips that will enhance and improve your English and story.

So therefore, if YOU want to request a review from me, prepare yourself first.


So here are the things that I’ll review:

-Title (-/5)-

-Foreword & Description (-/10)-

-Poster/Background (-/10)-

-Plot (-/20)-

-Characters (-/15)-

-Grammar & Spelling (-/5)-

-Style (-/5)-

-Originality (-/10)-

-Captivating (-/10)-

-Flow & Entertainment (-/10)-


Total Marks - -/100 







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