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My lovely bunnies, Hello!

*Gives cookies*


 We've created nothing but a fake world where no one can feel a part of something

unless they change the pure essence of who they are.  


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  name   Hwang You Sun (Alice)
  age 15
  gender Female
  height   167 cm
  carry me ♦  57 kg




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전 황유선이라고 하고요, 한국인이에요

글 쓰는 걸 굉장히 좋아하고, 음악 없이는 못 사는 그런 여자랍니다~

만나서 반가워요!

I was born in Korea, but I live in Canada.

I love expressing myself through writing, music, and through art.

I love saying things that I can't say in life in my own way, like my own language

that only I will be able to fully understand.



사랑하는 사람들... 어떻게해야 사랑을 시작할수있나요?

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{Ideal type} Someone who has a kind heart and cares for other people.



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