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Personal Message

I write stories, I have no idea if I'm good at them. I am also a KPOP fanatic. Screw the people who judge. I hope you would read my stories and please give me links to awesome stories \m/

About Me

Okay, about me? Well My names Stephanie. Call me Steph. I LOVE WRITING STORIES. Teacher's get mad at me, not for being nosiy,(well yes, sometimes for being noisy) but most of the time cause I've got a notebook and pen and I'm either doodling something about Kpop or writing a story.

I dont think I can list down all my biases since I'd probably lag all your computers with the long long long long list of my loves. But from my stories and from talking to me, you guys will eventually find out who and what I'm into. So lets be friends okay?
HAHAH! Yes, I am this weird.

Well, If you wanna get to know me more, just message me :) i'd be happy to reply.