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Kayla. January 27th. Quiet, shy. Taken. Likes: photography, Batman, cupcakes, makeup, books. Dislikes: bugs, Spiderman, MTV, amusement parks. Books: Tiger's Curse. The Hollow. Hush Hush. Cinder. Memiors of a Geisha. The Song of Achilles. Reawakened. Illuminae. Merch I own: I AM, B.A.P One Shot, Exo XOXO, SHINee Everybody, GD Coup D'etat, Tao Wolf 88 shirt, Jaejoong WWW.




SHINee, MBLAQ, DB5K, JYJ, Beast, 2PM, Jay Park, F.T Island, Super Junior, Rain, U-Kiss,
Big Bang, Teen Top, Exo, B.A.P, Dok2, Tablo, Kim Hyun Joong, SS501, Block B, Zion T, Jin Akanishi,
Nu'est, Aziatix, Shinhwa, VIXX, M.I.B, SuG, Lunafly, MFBTY, BTS, Gray, Crush, + way more. ;)

F(x) is the only girl group I listen to. Besides the occasional 2NE1 + BoA.
I just really don't like girl groups. Simple as that.



Kim Kibum. What can I say?
You are not afraid to be yourself. I love how greatful and loving you are towards
your grandmother. You have an amazing fashion sense, even if I don't like it sometimes.
To me you are an all-around amazing person. I love your voice and your imperfections. My
wish is to meet you someday, but it's just a wish and we know they don't always come true.
But thank you. For everything.