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About Me



Kayla. January 27th. Three sisters. Quiet, shy, random. Taken.
Likes: photography, shopping, nail polish, Batman, cupcakes, Halloween, Johnny Depp, makeup, dresses, converse, books. Dislikes: bugs, homework, soda, flip flops, Spiderman, MTV, amusement parks. Books: Tiger's Curse. Wings. The Hollow. Hush Hush. Cinder. Memiors of a Geisha. Merch I own: GD&TOP poster, I AM, B.A.P One Shot, Exo XOXO, SHINee Everybody, GD Coup D'etat, Tao Wolf 88 shirt, Jaejoong WWW.




SHINee, MBLAQ, DB5K, JYJ, Beast, 2PM, Jay Park, F.T Island, Z:EA, Super Junior, 2AM, Rain, Se7en, U-Kiss,
Big Bang, Teen Top, Exo, B.A.P, Dok2, Boyfriend, B1A4, Infinite, Tablo, Aaoora, Brian Joo, Kim Hyun Joong,
SS501, Block B, Zion T., Jin Akanishi, Phantom, Nu'est, Aziatix, Shinhwa, Cross Gene, Tasty, VIXX, M.I.B,
SuG, Lunafly, MFBTY, BTS, Wonder Boyz, LC9, Topp Dogg, JJCC, Gray, Crush, + way more I'm sure. ;)

F(x) is the only girl group I listen to. Besides the occasional 2NE1 + BoA.
I just really don't like girl groups. Simple as that.



Kim Kibum. What can I say?
You are not afraid to be yourself. I love how greatful and loving you are towards
your grandmother. You have an amazing fashion sense, even if I don't like it sometimes.
To me you are an all-around amazing person. I love your voice and your imperfections. My
wish is to meet you someday, but it's just a wish and we all know they don't always come true.
But thank you. For everything.