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our love song
our love song

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My profile bookshelf contained mainly the story about Son Chaeyoung and the other members. She is my baby, my light and sunshine. I paired her to Myoui Mina (MiChaeng Trash also) and followed by Sana(SaChaeng) and Tzuyu(ChaeYu) I do have TWO active accounts here in AFF and I think you won’t be interested enough to join my personal game called finding account ANYWAY, I am open for co-author request as long as I am not busy enough to do it with you. Don’t hesitate to message me. I don’t bite.

Story #1: Change:

This is the story of how Mina struggled being Chaeyoung’s secret lover, Nayeon’s secret bed buddy and Sana’s make-up girlfriend. She needs a change for something new.
Story #2: bloodline

MiChaeng Vampire AU: Myoui Mina is a hundred years old vampire who happen to adopt a human princess called Son Chaeyoung. With the races of class A vampires around her Princess, how the two can be together in one bloodline?
Story #3: SANALAND

How can sana deal with her love towards a woman when there is a huge distinction between two uality and she is actually studying in the school of homophobes
Story #4: Becoming Mrs. Myoui

This is the story where Mina and Chaeyoung lives in loveless misunderstood life as wedlock partner. How can they express the love they used to hide to each other?
Story #5: The Gay Bible

Drabble collection. One shot and incomplete story thoughs. TWICE ships mainly MiChaeng. Help me build nice plot by co-authoring with me.
Story #6: Our lovesong

The story collection based on the TWICE songs in albums. I started in The Story Begins and end with Signal. All of the song in the said line up and the story behind it or my lyrics interpretation to it.
Story #7: Twice dirty Imagines

The lust-imaginatory based one shot collection. This is where I express my hard and careless writings of lust towards TWICE. Please don’t Judge me. HAHA
Story #8: The punisher/ NaTzu

What do you do if you know you are being punished? How can you identify such punishment if the punishment itself is being with the someone you love?
Story #9: I love you better now.

Sana and Chaeyoung is simply in a relationship with each other because of the logical thing that their campus infer. How cab they deal with each other when one of those heated nights were accidentally recorded and comes with another life created?