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“If you catch a falling maple leaf, you will fall in love with the person you are walking with…

It’s like how they say you will marry your first love if you catch a falling cherry blossom.”

-Ji Eun Tak-


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       exo`s maknae
             -Christy A-   -female-   -180399-    -157 cm-    -blood type o-    wind   


  안녕하세요! exo`s maknae sehun addict here! 
             come talk to me, okay? i promise i don't

             bite. l0l0l0l. justs kidding; i really don`t bite.

             unless you want me to, of course. (◡‿◡




       〈 mood. 〉   tired & sleepy
    〈 thoughts. 〉   my back hurts. orz.
    〈 replay. 〉  
Through the Night(밤편지) by IU(아이유)
    〈 craving. 〉   ice cream
    〈 twitter. 〉   Oh Mi Ja
    〈 instagram. 〉   @12bananas_