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should I add a bonus chapter involving TaeKook's kids or should I end it there at the wedding and start doing Streak Partner?

  • Bonus chapter ft. Taekook's kids
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hello everyone !! my name is gabby with the username sugalgi.


i'm from the philippines and i'm already in highschool, soon entering senior high after summer. i became a kpop fan since 2014 so i've been into kpop for about 4 years already. my parents never noticed but i changed ever since i entered the kpop world. i became more open and started socializing (thanks to roleplaying - i stopped rp-ing since i've been busy in school); i became more open-minded especially when it comes to the lgbtq+ community. kpop somehow made me accept them and even appreciated them. because of that, i am more fond of reading and writing .


i've been a member of aff for about 3-4 years already. at first i decided to just make an account in order for me to read stories since i'm pretty much a booklover. however, through reading stories and books, i somehow told myself to try write my own stories with my own imagination. from there, i began writing. throughout the years of being here, i improved myself somehow ahaha.


i gained a lot of friends whom encouraged me to write more and a lot of readers and followers who so far, likes my stories. i couldn't thank enough for that :( i'm a multifandom fan but i am mainly stanned groups such as bts, exo, red velvet, fx, twice, seventeen, superjunior, and blackpink.



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Sometimes, messaging the person you like helps a lot. It helped both Taehyung and Jungkook in more ways than one. Especially when Jungkook has the phobia of meeting new people and Taehyung can't hold back telling Jungkook that he admire his posts in Instagram. So good old Taehyung came to the solution of texting him instead.


✨ chatfic

⛲ ongoing


☀ taekook

♞ currently 34 chapters



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"everything's possible in hell."

Yoongi wants to go back.


Jimin wants him to stay.


And Yoongi is slowly falling to everything he says.


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☀ yoonmin

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"i found the most perfect mochi i've ever seen."

Yoongi may or may not have given Seokjin a heart attack and spilled coffee on Namjoon's music equipment when a certain twitter account owned by a cute muscled dancer that has more than 11.5k followers followed him back (Yoongi's self-esteem suddenly deflated at that).


✨ chatfic

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☀ yoonmin

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◇ of jeans and cheese



"ironically, they met 'cause of cheese and jeans."

If it weren't for his nice wrapped up with those nice jeans from H&M, Jungkook wouldn't have met Jimin.


If it weren't for Yoongi's hate for cheese, he wouldn't have been this close to Hoseok - who has a great amount of love for cheese.


✨ chaptered oneshot

⛲ ongoing

☀ jikook & yoonseok

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"my boyfriends consists of a cat and a dog."

Jungkook was raised to believe that hybrids of the same breed were supposed to be mates. But all those cultural thoughts flew out of the window the moment he saw the most traumatizing scene in his entire life: his seniors, a husky and bombay hybrid, in the most awkward and position he has ever seen.


✨ two-shot

⛲ ongoing

☀ vminkook

♞ currently 1 chapter