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Note: No ads under any circumstances. I do not wish to receive any advertisements on my wall. It'll be deleted and I'll most likely block you.


About Me: Hello, I'm Aleric (or Alec to most). I've been a member on here for 5 years now. Lately, I've been doing a lot of coding, graphic designing, and creating resources. I'm not a writer and I no longer read, but my activity in AFF's sub-communities have kept me on here. I enjoy what I do on the site, so I think that's reason enough to stay and keep doing what I do. However, I'm less productive these days than I was before.

I'm not really that active in the Kpop community anymore, however I'm still an SM stan. Most of my support goes to groups under SM Entertainment. My bias groups being SHINee (since 2010), and Red Velvet (since 2014). But overall, I enjoy Kpop as a genre and will listen to any group as long as I like their music.

Nowadays, I'm more into Jpop. So if you have any recommendations out there, then feel free to wall post me about them.

I'm also a massive anime nut, you can view my anime recommendation blog to see what I'm currently watching and what anime I've recommended/small review on each one. You can also recommend me anime to watch either by commenting on that blog, or wall posting me.

I'm the owner of The Boy in Seoul (resource thread), and Prototype (layout thread). I co-own HYUU! layouts (layout request shop) with my friend, Dee (suzuyas).

Friend Requests/Contacting: I'm no longer accepting random friend requests. If we're at least acquainted, then feel free to send me a request. I won't accept if I don't know you or haven't spoken to you before, sorry.

However, my wall is off private now so you can message or enquire with me about something without going through the trouble of sending me a request. You can even follow my blogs or follow any new threads I publish, so you don't need to add me as a friend to be notified.

I'm not the greatest at holding up a conversation. Especially if we're conversing here on AFF, either by wall or inbox. My inbox is filled with conversations for business transactions, people buying layouts and enquiring about something, etc. It's really not an ideal platform to talk. 

I'm more loyal to Line, (KKT to a lesser degree). So add me on either of those SNS, my IDs are listed below.


Contact: Line (alericrhys), KKT (alericfood)
Graphic Portfolio: Imgur
Social: Twitter (@alericfood), Ask (